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Conversation Between ikkentim and DM756
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  1. DM756
    26/10/2016 02:35 PM
    Oh and Tim if you are ever needing someone to do some testing on the servers features, don't be afraid to ask Im Always happy to help )
  2. DM756
    23/10/2016 04:58 PM
    aha yea mate, Well best of luck in the Dev process, hope to see it soon
  3. ikkentim
    23/10/2016 03:15 PM
    only the good parts I'll be starting of with the (improved) basics and will then expand upon it. Elm is one of those details that I'd add in a later stage as it's not fundamental
  4. DM756
    23/10/2016 03:00 PM
    ohh good man that's great news!, really missed the lsres crew. Hope its done at least some time next year I'm all excited now aha, Well Cheers mate, Will it be somewhat similar to original lsres? like with the ems script lights and such? Cheers- DM
  5. ikkentim
    23/10/2016 07:39 AM
    Im slowly working on creating a new awesome script, but don't expect it very soon. It takes a lot of time but I'm definitely planning on reopening at some point
  6. DM756
    23/10/2016 12:29 AM
    Hi Ikkentim, i used to play a lot on LSRES back a good few years ago, my name was Kevin_Gray might remember me might not either way Hello again old friend Was just curious whats the updates with the SAMP stuff? been really nostalgic the past month or so about the server was rather sad when it closed down , Anyways Cheers tim

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