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Conversation Between Kaperstone and oSAINTo
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  1. oSAINTo
    31/03/2018 05:49 PM
    I do. Saint#5942
  2. Kaperstone
    30/03/2018 04:48 PM
    By the way, do you have Discord?
  3. Kaperstone
    27/03/2018 12:55 PM
    Unfortunately, I won't have time to make anything new like this, I have a private project and a server to develop and thereby I am really short on time for anything new unfortunately.
  4. oSAINTo
    27/03/2018 12:43 AM
    Hey @Kaperstone, it's probably late as hell on your prop hunt idea, but I've learned a lot since then and I have an idea of how you could make it appear as if the player is controlling the object. Again, we'd still use the same method of using OnPlayerKeyPress and make it detect if the player is pressing or holding one of the movement keys. It'll then add or subtract a value to the object's position depending on what the player presses. As for the rotation of the camera, you could use a while loop or a for loop that will set the player's camera to look at a position slightly in front of the angle they're facing but in correlation to the object. It'd take some math and some more in-depth thinking to figure how to put it into code, but I'm fairly certain it'd work.
  5. Kaperstone
    03/03/2018 06:52 AM
    So you're trying to make an mmorpg game? how long will it take to download the models?
  6. oSAINTo
    11/07/2017 03:52 AM
    They do run on the same core, but I believe that if it's two different scripts, it's two different threads then. If the VPS has hyper-threading, which most do, it should help. I might be wrong though.
  7. Kaperstone
    11/07/2017 03:49 AM
    How making it a filterscript help?
    I thought they both run on the same core.
  8. oSAINTo
    11/07/2017 03:46 AM
    Try making the prophunt be a filterscript, that won't slow down the gamemode then. If not, you can always make it detect if the player is actually playing prophunt or not and if they're playing, they must be an object for it to move or something. There must be ways for it to work without lagging the server down immensely.
  9. Kaperstone
    11/07/2017 03:46 AM
    By the way, where are you from ?
  10. Kaperstone
    11/07/2017 03:43 AM
    Long time ago I was excited about making a prophunt, but then realized how limited the gameplay would be on samp and hard to make one (at least because there was no ColAndreas)
    I wanna know the possibility of making something else tho. I did think about a timer that repeats itself and increases position, but a timer that runs 250ms can quite slow things down on a server that this will be only a small piece of.

    I did manage to think something out. Except the rotation of the camera.
    Which again, leads me to using a timer.

    oh blimey.

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