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Conversation Between Aliassassin123456 and taktaz
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  1. Aliassassin123456
    06/03/2018 02:46 AM
    AG:SA project is a multiplayer modification for San Andreas so it has nothing to do with a game engine and for our future project which is a game, we have our own private game engine for that which provides us all platforms!
  2. taktaz
    05/03/2018 06:03 PM
    Do you work with unity3d for agsa prj ??
  3. taktaz
    17/02/2018 11:47 AM
    Yep , good luck dear friend <3
  4. Aliassassin123456
    16/02/2018 08:27 PM
    Lol, I remember you, A9, piece of remote memory hacking
  5. taktaz
    16/02/2018 02:43 PM
    I was taktaz208 on y!mail , We had some works like A9
  6. Aliassassin123456
    16/02/2018 07:46 AM
    hey, you?
  7. taktaz
    15/02/2018 05:42 PM
    HelloW Old friend xD

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