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Conversation Between ikkentim and Cjgogo
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  1. ikkentim
    23/03/2014 02:19 PM
    I'm referring to me not having enough time to keep up with the community and work on it, plus the avg players online were below 5 and without any donations it was too expensive to keep up with.

    I do like to thank you for having been an active player and being one of the first players to join
    I, too, am looking forward to the relaunch. Between schoolwork im working on a new server
  2. Cjgogo
    23/03/2014 11:10 AM
    Hey Tim , how are you? It's me, Eddie(Cjgogo), from LSRES. Sorry for bothering you, but I'd like to know what exactly happened to the server.

    I am concerned about the fact that it might have been something personal, that's why you shut the server down, and I know that the fact that I've been playing on the server since it got launched(and I was the 3rd player to join the server) doesn't really mean much to you. So it's not like I am the president and you have the obligation to answer all of my questions against your will.

    I'd just like more of a brief explanation to why this happened("Due to a lack of space" - that sounds a little bit creepy, honestly :P). Only PM me if you want to answer my question. If not, leave a message on my Profile, so at least I know you've noticed my message. Good luck with rebuilding the server . I surely look forward to the moment LSRES will rise and shine again, over the SAMP community .
  3. ikkentim
    06/08/2013 03:57 PM
    String comparing; I don't have many commands so not much of processing is done; But yea I should at some point switch to another one :P
  4. Cjgogo
    27/06/2013 08:30 AM
    You know, it's me again, and, I know I really have nothing to do with it, but, I noticed one of your topics, this one to be specific:

    And I was shocked to see that as a command system you used the default one, altough I am concerned that that might be just the Test-Version of LSRES.
    However, I am a little bit concerned, altough the ammount of online players on LSRES is ~25, you still need a fast command-processor(and I really like ZMCD/YCMD). I am waiting for an answer since for me it was just shocking, I REPEAT again, I really shouldn't ask this and it's up to you answering this question. So yeah, I'm waiting for an answer, what command-processor system do you use on LSRES? If you don't want to answer this question, just notify me, so at least I know you noticed my post.
    Why am I asking this? Well, you know I'm an old player, and even if I never donated to it, I always stayed nice, I wish the best for it - Eddie!
  5. Cjgogo
    25/08/2012 01:00 PM
    Hai,what a surprise ,nice to see you,umm,about the minimalizing thingy(the audio stream minimalizing someone's GTA SA game window),if nobody else has the same problem,than definitely is HIS problem,and of course the problem cannot be located in your PAWN code.Is it for every song that is played?And,BTW,if the song is played through a menu or list dialog,make a special command that plays a song,and tell the player to use the command.IF he still has problems,tell the others to try the command also.By my estimations the others won't be encountering any problems.BUT if the player that has the problem uses the command,and nothing happens(the song plays normally,and his window stays still),then it might be the menu/dialog list problem,yet,minimalizing a window through PAWN,can't really imagine that.MAYBE he has a custom song added to SAMP User Radio folder(where you can add your favorite songs if you hate the normal GTA SA radio).Good luck with fixing this .
  6. ikkentim
    25/08/2012 11:35 AM
    Hi cj, long time no see
  7. Cjgogo
    21/04/2012 01:19 PM
    This is unbelieveble,is it you?:O ikkentim from LSRES?

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