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Conversation Between fahlevy and HeLiOn_PrImE
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  1. HeLiOn_PrImE
    10/09/2015 01:05 PM
    Since I have no idea about the code that you written, I can't provide a straight answer.
    All I know is that the samp server has its limits. They are going wider with each version, but they still exist, and they have to be respected.
    If you think your players lag because of too many vehicles, you might want to delete some of them. The current server build supports a maximum of 1000 vehicles.
    If you really need those vehicles, you might want to look into the Incognito's streamer plugin. It works the same as it works with maps, so it may solve your issue.
    To have a better understanding of those limits I'm talking about, you should see this link.
    Taking those limits into consideration when making any kind of script will keep your work out of trouble.
  2. fahlevy
    10/09/2015 04:43 AM
    may i ask to you?
    i add so many vehicles in my when players near the vehicles,
    why the players so lag? i dont understand about this,i move the code of vehicle to FS ,but its still lag?
    what do think? what should i do bro?
    thank you

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