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Chenko 13/07/2019 11:56 PM

Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
Hello everyone, I present to you the Moving Target Gaming Roleplay gamemode. This is a fully fledged roleplay server developed over the course of 5 or so years starting with Vortex Roleplay 1 as a base.

The code is provided as is with no support being provided such as help setting up the SA:MP server, SQL server, fixing bugs etc.


If you are going to use this script please make sure to remove all references to Moving Target Gaming, MT-Gaming, or MTG from the script.

If you wish to see the features present within the gamemode, you can check my post history or search for MT-Gaming videos on the web. There are a few on an old channel showcasing updates as well as many community uploaded ones.

Some features off the top of my head are:
  • Account creation whitelist (Admins need to do /pcreate to allow someone to register.. You'll probably want to remove this)
  • Fully dynamic house, faction, and gang system.
  • Furniture system. Houses are empty by default and can be furnished by purchasing furniture at a store. Players can move objects however they like
  • Driving and trucker license test
  • A full host of jobs including arms dealer, pizza delivery, garbage man, car jacker, delivery boy, etc
  • Fully dynamic storage system which can be adapted to give anything storage. Already implemented for car trunks, houses, businesses, factions, gangs, and hotel rooms.
  • Tents which can store items
  • 25 types of businesses including but not limited to: advertising, clothing, car dealership, boat dealership, hotels with rentable rooms
  • Crowdfunding business type (Like Go Fund Me, Kickstarter). Allows players to create funding campaigns and get donations. Funds are only distributed if campaign meets its goal
  • Admin controlled fireworks
  • Holiday events for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and 4th of July including minigames
  • Server wide plague even which can be turned on.
  • Dynamic door & gate system. Place openable gates and doors anywhere.
  • Parkcar ban zones created by admins so players cannot spawn their car in undesirable locations.
  • Dynamic garages for vehicles which supports custom mapping
  • Dynamic side doors for houses, businesses, etc
  • Toy system
  • Boombox system
  • Hunger system
  • Hotwire minigame
  • Drug system
  • LSPD Mobile Database Computer system (MDC). Keeps track of all crimes and tickets handed out. Can lookup players
  • LSPD siren system allows addition of sirens to a select number of undercover vehicles. More info in the LSPD_Siren.pwn file
  • Prison system with fully mapped prison which includes jobs within it
  • Bombing system
  • Weapon license system
  • Fully fledged admin system including commands for lvl 1-8 admins. Level 1 are moderators with only access to respond to players /asks. 2-8 gain more access as they rise in the ranks.
  • Warning system. Admins can /warn, 3 warns = automatic temp ban. Players are temp banned twice (6 warnings in total) and permbanned after 9 warnings
  • Loyalty system. Rewards players who play everyday with cash, drugs, materials, etc.
  • Includes all of the mapping done for the server. Including tons of interior mapping used by players. Found in the mtg_mapping filterscript
  • Casino faction with functional slot machines.
  • Hitman faction with contracting system
  • Government faction which receives tax revenue from players hourly paychecks
  • Dynamic actor system. Admins can add NPCs ingame which can stand around and contribute to immersion.
  • Dynamic animation system. Admins can add animation commands with /addanim

There are a ton of other features I can't remember. You'll have to play around to see what is there. This script is very robust and was enjoyed by thousands of players over the course of 5 years. The latest iteration of the server had over 80,000 registered users.

Tip: If you are having issues with MySQL make sure SQL Mode does not include STRICT_TRANS_TABLES or STRICT_ALL_TABLES. This will cause the gamemode to not work as most columns do not have default values.

SirCrow 15/07/2019 04:04 AM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
Nice o/

KevTheJoker 16/07/2019 08:39 PM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
I can't see the .sql file there, or am I blind? lol

Chenko 16/07/2019 09:45 PM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script

Originally Posted by KevTheJoker (Post 4106356)
I can't see the .sql file there, or am I blind? lol

The server used a hosted MySQL database. As it has been so long and no backups exist, I don't fully remember all the tables and their structure so that is something you'll need to go through the code and determine.

There is a bit of code that I used in the initial migration to SQL to create a few tables in the mtg_mysql.pwn file but it is not the complete tables anymore.

Edit: I found a backup with SQL table generation info. Ill add it to the Github once I remove some sensitive info.

Chenko 16/07/2019 10:35 PM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
mtg_rp_tables.sql has been added to the repo. This contains create table code required for the MySQL database.

Hawk839 17/07/2019 12:10 PM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
Where to fill up the mysql details?

aoky 17/07/2019 01:00 PM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
idiot child chenko !!

Chenko 17/07/2019 03:36 PM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script

Originally Posted by Hawk839 (Post 4106458)
Where to fill up the mysql details?

Server should create a file called MySQLConfig.ini on startup.

Chenko 18/07/2019 03:59 AM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
Added some features I could remember to the main post so people can have an idea of what this script has to offer. I've also updated the github repo to have more necessary files in scriptfiles.

DropKick 18/07/2019 06:21 AM

Re: Moving Target Gaming Roleplay Script
Good script, thanks for sharing !

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