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LZLo 25/02/2011 05:08 PM

PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]

Some days ago i have founded on the forum the Notepad++, it was hard to install& make with pawno compatible.
Nowadays i saw some wiki from Notepad++

Forumer..What'll you see? Just, we will install Notepad++ with perfect PAWN compatible!

About Notepad++
'Notepad++ is a text editor and source code editor for Windows. It can also run on Linux and Mac OS X, using software such as Wine. One main advantage of Notepad++ over the built-in Windows text editor, Notepad, is tabbed editing, to easily work with multiple open files.

It is distributed as free software. The project is hosted on, from where it has been downloaded over twenty million times and twice won the Community Choice Award for Best Developer Tool. To display and edit text and programming language source code files, Notepad++ uses the Scintilla editor component.
Notepad++ has support for macros and plugins. Currently, there are 27 official plugins for Notepad++, 10 of which are included by default in the program. The first plugin to be included in the program was "TextFX", which includes features such as W3C validation for HTML and CSS, text sorting, character case alteration and quote handling.
This project, based on the Scintilla editor component, is written in C++ with only Win32 API calls using only the STL in order to increase performance and reduce program size. The aim of Notepad++ is to reduce overall power consumption by using efficient binaries that require less CPU power.' - Wikipedia

QUICK Installation
(at download section)

(at download section)

follow the next steps:
1., Extract PAWN.api to C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs

2., Go to %APPDATA%\Notepad++ (type it in run) and extract insertExt.ini and userDefineLang.xml there

3., start Notepad++
CLICK: Setting->Preferences->File Association


How to Use?!
Just do that as you do in the pawno. :)

CLICK: Setting->Preferences->Auto-complete
Ctrl + Space will show you the auto-complete
Ctrl + Shift + Space will show you the function arguments

Skin Changing:eek:
It's an easy, but really useful& nice function, mostly better than PAWNO if your eyes are bit exhausted. :D
CLICK: Setting->Preferences->Style Configurator...
(and you can also install your own skins ;))

Notepad++ offical site (latest)
Notepad++(5.8.7) MEDIAFIRE - coming soon..

PAWN compatible
Original by the developer (DracoBlue)

ALL Mirrors are welcome!

LZLo 25/02/2011 05:46 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
any comments? ;)

Hiddos 25/02/2011 05:50 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
I'll try this out tomorrow, tell ya if it works ^^

LZLo 25/02/2011 05:55 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
it has worked for me :)

rbN. 25/02/2011 06:01 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
somebody already made a tut for Pawn in Notepad++?

LZLo 25/02/2011 06:03 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
yes -

rbN. 25/02/2011 06:04 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
Why you made an other topic then? D:

LZLo 25/02/2011 06:12 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
because the other topic is complicated& you (i think) can't install currectly Notepad++ with PAWN

Mean 25/02/2011 08:40 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
This doesn't have the SYNTAX highlighting, Slice's tutorial has it included. But nice.

Chaos01 28/02/2011 02:05 PM

Re: PAWN in Notepad++ [QUICKSTEPS]
nice and useful tutorial :D

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