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Ph0eniX 03/12/2019 08:37 AM

Server Problem
Hello everybody.
I have an problem with my SA:MP server and i rlly don't know what's the problem. It's like , i have debug to everything but nothing's wrong. My script is perfect so i rlly don't know what to do. All i have is this:

[10:10:35] [connection] x.38:63839 requests connection cookie.
[10:10:36] [connection] incoming connection: x.38:63839 id: 0
[10:10:36] Incoming connection for player ID 0 [IP/port: x.38:63839]
[10:10:36] [join] [PhX]Exc1siOn[PhX] has joined the server (0:x.38)
[10:13:03] [connection] incoming connection: x.38:64572 id: 1
[10:13:03] Incoming connection for player ID 1 [IP/port: x.38:64572]
[10:13:13] [part] [PhX]Exc1siOn[PhX] has left the server (0:0)

It's connecting to the server but i'm online.
What to do? I never had this problem and idk to solve it.

Host is using Debian 9 GNU/Linux. I already speak with the hoster but nothing solved, he said i have some issues in my script but i dont.

When i got disconnected , everybody gets disconnected not only 1 player. This can be now after 2-3 mins if play or 1-2h , it's something random :|

Pravin 03/12/2019 08:41 AM

Re: Server Problem
You need to check your OnPlayerConnect and OnPlayerDisconnect functions.

Ph0eniX 03/12/2019 09:01 AM

Re: Server Problem

Originally Posted by Pravin (Post 4123947)
You need to check your OnPlayerConnect and OnPlayerDisconnect functions.

No one is connecting to the server. It's like i'm connecting to the server , the same ID the same ip but another PlayerID i don't have any problem in OPC & OPDC

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