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FR0DG3R 02/07/2019 11:31 PM

NODES*.dat's path width and flags
So, my work involves making cars follow paths made by NODES*.dat nodes. The community nodes documentation on the grandtheftwiki says that every node has a property called "Path Width" that is 0 by default (?) and can be changed, is it made for us to change manually change each node? Has someone ever done that?
I need a way of obtaining the width value for the nodes because I really want to adapt the code for working with many car models and street widths.

I also have a problem with some navi node flags I'd like to use (e. g. traffic light behavior, left/right lanes), they are always 0, but the wiki says it should really give a value. I don't think I'm reading it wrong because most data comes just as expected, I have proper coords and target nodes from the navi nodes, and the binary reading works on path nodes' flags.

This is the way I read a NaviNode (C++)

I declare the struct, according to the wiki:

struct NaviNode {
    short pos[2];
    unsigned short areaId, nodeId;
    char direction[2];
    unsigned flags;

And read it on the file:

NaviNode naviNode;

for(unsigned i = 0; i < header.naviNodes; i++) {
    fread(&naviNode, 14, 1, inputFile);// following the wiki it uses 14 bytes
  //store it

note: wiki page I mention is

FR0DG3R 18/08/2019 08:10 PM

Re: NODES*.dat's path width and flags
In case someone ends up here looking for a way to get number of lanes on the streets:

Download Aschratts Path Editor and, after decompiling the NODES*.dat to a .dnf file, you can read this file just like plain text, it contains everything that the original game files has about the nodes.

I had a problem where the reading of navi node flags were always the same (maybe it was just a mistake by me and no one will ever have this problem, anyway), about the Paths Width, tough, I didn't find out if there's a way of getting it.

n0minal 21/08/2019 03:12 AM

Re: NODES*.dat's path width and flags
Why don't you use a simple pathfinder like Gamerz's one? It's easier (if you're not willing to create your own pathfinder though, if that's the case and it's for study, ignore this comment).

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