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BrandyPenguin 19/06/2013 06:51 PM

SA-MP database ORM?
Hello SA-MP community,
I have wonder if SA-MP have database ORM? - Is it even possible to create?
I mean something like is Doctrine and Propel in PHP.

If it's possible ( and haven't released ) maybe starting make it with community?

BrandyPenguin 06/07/2013 09:22 AM

Re: SA-MP database ORM?
Gamer_Z, do you use c++ based ORM?
Blazing User DB is not so flexible as i would use it on code, but this is good starting point for creating it.

Misiur 19/07/2013 09:51 AM

Re: SA-MP database ORM?
I'm currently in process of writing really big thingy for pawn scripting in php (with heavy usage of symfony 2 components), and I'm implementing doctrine support. Stay tuned!

#e: Oh, and also I'm writing library with a set of supermacros for pure pawn, but it won't be as awesome

Kar 01/08/2013 03:12 AM

Re: SA-MP database ORM?
Maybe it's already been done!? (Maybe with MySQL!)

Here's a sneak peek that I'm not supposed to release!

pawn Code:
native orm_setkey(ORM:id, varname[]);

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