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oMa37 16/03/2017 06:52 PM

Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos

It's been a long time I have released something here, so yeah, I'm (kinda) back bitches!
This gamemode was the first gamemode I have ever scripted. Actually, It was the first script that I started with, I spent really too much time on this shit, Started it in February 2016. You might find some bugs and unoptimized stuff because as I said, it was my first script ever. So yeah, I think this is my last shitty release here, Enjoy it.

I have made also a UCP for this gamemode, I will release it later, lazy atm. :P


- MySQL Saving System: The only saving system used in this gamemode is MySQL.
- Minigames: There are a lot of minigames such as derby, parkour, skydives, DM and TDMs.
- Gang Wars: There are 8 gangs over LS, You can join gang and attack territories.
- Properties: Dynamic property system, player can buy it and collect the revenue each hour.
- Houses: Dynamic house system, player can buy it, lock it, share house keys, kick player from house etc.
- Vehicles Ownership: Dynamic vehicle ownership, this one.
- Anti-Cheat: Simple anti cheat system, Jetpack, Fly, Weapons, Health, armour and some more hacks.
- Logs: Everything player do is saved such as buying stuff.
- Marijuana: This can be used to heal yourself, you can buy the seeds from the Farm and plant it.
- Premium/VIP: Check the command /benefits in-game for the Premium/VIP features.
- Unique Coins: It's another money system, with UGC you can sell it to other players with money or buy unique stuff from /shop in-game.
- Friends System: You can add friends and chat together using /friendschat, The message will only show to the added friends.
- Offline PMs: You can send private message to the offline player using /opm <playerName>, when the player back, he can read it. (This feature was awesome with the UCP!).
- XP/Level System: Earn XP by playing minigames to level up, With levels you can get new titles to attach on your skin.
- Stunt Areas: Those areas are at the airports, LSA/SFA/LVA/Abandon Airport.
There are a lot more unique features which I don't remember, You can check them out in-game.


UGC/Shop Systems:



Premium/VIP Benefits:

Marijuana System:


MySQL - BlueG/maddinat0r
Streamer - Incognito
ColAndreas - Crayder
Callbacks - Emmet_
SSCANF2 - Y_Less/maddinat0r/Emmet_
mSelection - d0
Foreach - Kar/Y_Less
Command Processor - SickAttack
FloodControl - RyDeR`
OnPlayerAirbreak - Emmet_
AntiAdvertising - Kar
Regular Expression - Fro1sha


ClickHere! - GitHub
ClickHere! - Full Package

Special Thanks:

Konstantinos: Without this guy, this gamemode wouldn't have that unique features.
YoUnG_MoNeY: My friend who hosted this gamemode for me and helped me scripting some stuff.
IwAn: Testing the gamemode.
Frank: Testing the gamemode and ruined the community xD.
Also special thanks to the mappers and everyone helped me on this gamemode, sorry if I forgot someone.

Eoussama 16/03/2017 06:53 PM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
Noice, keep it up

Sumit4 16/03/2017 06:54 PM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
Good job oMa37 lemme check it +REP :)

BlackbirdXd 16/03/2017 06:57 PM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos

Bolex_ 16/03/2017 07:00 PM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
Checking out code.....

RyderX 16/03/2017 07:02 PM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
What the fuck? why you released it?

by the way nice freaking effort


Originally Posted by Scripter18 (Post 3856221)
Checking out code.....

See you next year! :)

SyS 17/03/2017 09:10 AM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
Good job its unique (especially that marijuana seed feature) and nicely scripted 5 stars. :)

Bolex_ 17/03/2017 11:09 AM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
I was there for a while(3 days), I can say that is pretty well scripted! :)

oMa37 18/03/2017 12:44 AM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
Thanks everyone!

Jelly23 18/03/2017 03:39 AM

Re: Explosive Freeroam - Los Santos
It's really nice.


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