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Jonesy96 07/08/2018 03:42 PM

Scripting on Macbook
Hi All,

Quick question for which someone will either give me a solution for or tell me to go away and that it isn't possible.

I used to do some scripting on SAMP a while back and wish to get back into it. Trouble is since then I have switched from a Windows PC to a Macbook (Let's not get into a debate on that!)

Having looked on the SAMP downloads for the SAMP server there are only two options, one for Windows and one for Linux. Does anybody know of a way I can get this running on my macbook so I can locally host the server for scripting? I've found a guide on getting the SAMP client installed which I will be doing at some point and Im fairly confident on that. But I can't seem to find anything on running the SAMP server.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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