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Orpheus 20/07/2008 10:22 AM

Orph's skin selector
Hey This is my First filterscript, you've probably seen me around the forums, well anyway, I was asked by a mate to do a skin selector for his Roleplay server, so i came up with this, and it works a treat, and depending on if this is liked by people will depend on wether I edit it and make it better, already got ideas incase I do.

It uses menu's to select a skin, if i do a v2 then it will force you to the spawn screen, and then show the skins as you scroll through, but for now it is what it is, a simple menu system that covers all the skins,
Please don't remove the credits, this has taken AGES to do, so I would appreciate it if you didn't steal it and say you did it...

anyway here's the filterscript, it includes ALL 300 skins that don't crash the game ( 0 - 299)

Features :
/skins to access the skins menu's
/setskin <playerid> <skin id> to set a players skin (Requires RCON ADMIN)
/SkinsReset <playerid> to allow a player to set their skin again (Requires RCON ADMIN)

Comments would be greatly appreciated, as would ideas for V2


V2 is on its way Features will include:
Setting the player to a virtual world whilst they select their skin,
Sending the player to a SPAWN select screen at their current location,
On player spawning after entering the aforementionned spawn screen, it will send the player BACK to the MAIN Virtual world ( that they came from ) and respawning the player with their new skin.

Current V2 process bug, unable to set weapons back to what the player entered the spawn screen with
Process to fix : Attempting everything I can, Wont release until its fixed.

Regards Orph.

cedryk_cedryk 20/07/2008 10:49 AM

Re: Orph's skin selector
hmm... i dont trust that all 299 skins are working :P .. and if it does give us proofs..something like screenshots?

idk.. sa:mp team didn't fixed wrong skins... so i dont believe you yet :mrgreen:

GiP_YossI 20/07/2008 10:54 AM

Re: Orph's skin selector
LoL! all in menu? :D
Nice work dude

Orpheus 20/07/2008 11:05 AM

Re: Orph's skin selector
lol tested about 200 of them, the only unTESTED ones are the peds one cos i cba atm, will get round to it, try it, it all works.. and besides if there ARE errors tell me and i'll fix, i spent the last 3 days do this, so cut me some slack LMAO!

also, I can't screenie atm cos my samp is broken need to redownload LMAO, and busy scripting PM and stuff atm.. lol, when i'm finished theres no point anyway cos there is no garentee that i haven't just spanwed as another skin... so test it for yourself, I assure you it all works

Regards Orph.

cedryk_cedryk 20/07/2008 12:03 PM

Re: Orph's skin selector
nice..this sounds good .. :P

Orpheus 20/07/2008 12:46 PM

Re: Orph's skin selector
Thanks for the comment, lol i wanted to give something back to the people :P! even tho i've not really used anyones scripts its all my own LMAO!
used some as reference etc lol to LEARN pawno, but my FS car system skinM system, and gamemode, and minigames are all mine :)

Regards Orph, looks like i'll be doing a v2 LMAO!

vovz 20/07/2008 01:17 PM

Re: Orph's skin selector
Mirror Please!!!

cedryk_cedryk 20/07/2008 02:10 PM

Re: Orph's skin selector
Mirrors :


Yaheli_Faro 20/07/2008 02:14 PM

Re: Orph's skin selector
Nice job, must have taken ages... :)

Orpheus 20/07/2008 04:06 PM

Re: Orph's skin selector

15 hours roughly ;) ( i got backups from my origional 1 to my newest( uploaded one)

The orgional link works, its just laggy due to the size of the script :)

Regards Orph

Glad you all like it :D

Edit : mis-spelt Link LMAO!

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