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clavador 08/04/2012 07:06 AM

StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
Street Rod SA-MP V1.0b

Do you remember this totally awesome game?


Well, this mod tries to bring back some of those memories!



* Some races portrayed in this video were stripped of some objects due to a problem at that time with 0x000000C5 exceptions. The items are restored inside the packages available for download. I have to make a better video when I have some time available.


I started this mod a year ago and then left it for a year. I retook the scripting a month ago and been trying ever since to finish it.
As for right now, the gamemode is still a beta, though it'll have to be re-written from scratch to make it cleaner and more stable once finished. I tried to fix as many bugs as I found, but still has a long way to go to be 100% stable.
I want to release this beta to the public so everyone can test it, find bugs and provide some feedback if you really like it or not.
Since this is a beta, there are a lot of features half finished or not very well presented, but looks is the last thing I'm going for right now.

  • More than 640 race recordings ( each vehicle has it's own recording, so you are racing the actual car and not just one recording with just one vehicle ).
  • 60+ vehicles to race against!
  • 10 different races total with 3 different styles.
  • 3 Race styles: Road race ( long races through checkpoints ), Aqueduct race ( try to beat your opponent dodging some challenging objects ) and Drag race ( prove who's the fastest car in a straight face-to-face challenge ).
  • You can put your money or better yet, if you feel confident, your car with the pink-slips challenge!
  • A garage where you manage everything about your car!
  • Buy vehicles at the car shop, win them at races or sell them for the money.
  • 19 vehicles to buy from the car shop ( leaving room for 40+ vehicles to win racing )
  • Engine tuning ( similar to Street Rod ).
  • Vehicle plate customization.
  • NFS Nitro style.
  • Inside car camera option.
  • Alternate weather.
  • Race against NPCs or test your skill against human players!
  • Replenish you car's fuel tank through an interactive way.
  • Save and loading is using Draco Blue's DjSon, wich I think is awesome and very fast as it uses a cache to do everything.
  • Many more!...

Some improvements I'm planning:
  • Make drag races unique by creating a totally different mode of gameplay.
  • Each type of race will give different options when making a bet.
  • Make some unique customization options for vehicles. There's just one now to add neon to every car.
  • Add tournaments and special events ( they will be available only on certain days of the month ).
  • Add unique NPCs to race against.
  • Set the game length to one month, after which a winner will be declared, restarting the whole gamemode again.
  • Add a replay feature for races ( I have this half finished. Is not present in this release, but will be maybe in the next ones ).
  • Make a pub where every player can go to chill out and show off he's car.
  • Sell a car for half it's price or place it a showroom where a human player can buy it from you, giving you a chance of getting more money.


- Please report any bugs, as there are a lot of them for sure. I tried to fix as many as I could, but there are still some unresolved ones which I'll be working on in the next weeks.
  • Some recordings are half finished ( this means that sometimes you will see another's car crashing to a wall or switching lanes when it shouldn't.
  • Lobby ( Parking Lot ) or races against human players can be bugged. Didn't have time to test it recently, but I will in the coming days.

Scripts & credits:
  • YSI & Whirlpool by ******
  • Speedcap by Slice.
  • Bad vehicle mod protection ( don't remember who did it! )
  • Shrewd Time Weather System by varthshenon
  • Elegy Turbo by Ronaldo_raul
  • DjSon by Draco Blue
  • Zinglish's GetVehicleName Include
  • MRandom by Cyber_Punk
  • Progress bar by Infernus
  • Useful functions ( credits in the file )
  • Textdraw Animations ( by me )



- 07-Oct-12: Small gamemode fix:

Complete package:

- 06-Oct-12:

Still needs major bug fixing, but for now, is the best i can do with the little time i have.

Don't forget to rep :P

iRage 08/04/2012 07:19 AM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
I'd have to say this is pretty amazing.

Emci_Funtik 08/04/2012 07:21 AM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
It's the best GM. You are GOD>>> =)

GReeN_WOoD 08/04/2012 07:21 AM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
very gooooooood!

vyper 08/04/2012 07:22 AM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
This is simply great :) I wonder why you decided to release it ... it could turn out in a nice server :p

clavador 08/04/2012 08:14 PM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
Thanks to everyone. Leave your comments of what you think of the gamemode so far (if you already tested it), and yes, it would be nice to see a server using this gamemode so I can play in it :D

Derek_Westbrook 08/04/2012 08:26 PM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta

[EuG]ZeRoGoD 08/04/2012 08:29 PM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
wow this is insane by far the most amazeing gamemode for people and by looks of it its not noob compatable lol very good :D

Hiddos 08/04/2012 08:52 PM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
This looks pretty damn amazing, great job! I'll be sure to try this out :D

Kitten 08/04/2012 08:59 PM

Re: StreetRod SA-MP v1.0 Beta
This is amazing gamemode, going to try it out when i have time, especially with the NPC.

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