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BGTrucker 28/12/2019 08:37 AM

Opcodes when adding map objects
So,I wanted to add railway barriers in Los Santos where they are missing,but when its time for them to play their role,it gives me opcodes,and after several times the game crashes. I did some testing and it turns out not the barriers are giving the opcodes but the poles with the railroad lights on them. I made some pictures from samp map editor,and a video from the ingame debug.
On the first image I have highlighted a traffic light for cars that in my opinion is placed on the wrong place,so I moved it after the railroad tracks so its closer to the junction. The closer one shows its original position,and the further one is where I moved it.
On the second image I have highlighted the railroad barriers along with the poles that are holding the flashing lights.
And on the third image I highlighted only the two poles that are the reason for the opcodes and crashing the game.
Finally,here's a short video I made to visualize the whole story.
Any sugestions how to fix this,I tried with CreateDynamicObject too but it doesnt help.
Info about object ids:
1373 is the railroad traffic light,and 1374 is the railroad barrier.
If you add just the barriers,without the lights,you will see that no opcodes occur,but even if you add just the lights,without the barriers,it gives opcodes showing that the lights are the reason for it.

Pottus 03/01/2020 03:03 AM

Re: Opcodes when adding map objects
Well it seems to be a very minor issue I would just develop my own workarounds if need be.

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