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Kalcor 03/11/2017 12:37 PM

kdff gui (v0.2.5b) Feb 2018
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kdff (SA-MP Team)

v0.2.5b 2/2019

- kdff console couldn't read quoted paths from the command line.

v0.2.5a 12/2018

- Expands kdff gui 'Easy Color' feature. You can add cheap directional lighting (from a single light source) to the dff without having to import the model in to blender or 3dsmax.

v0.2.0b 12/2017

- kdff will still attempt to import night vertex colors, even when the vertex counts of the imported model don't match.

v0.2.0a 12/2017

- Adds -v option to kdff console to import night vertex colors from vertex colors of another dff (same model lit for night time).
- Adds 'Import NV' button kdff gui which is the same as the -v console option. Night vertex colors are imported from the vertex colors of the same model lit for night.
- Adds 'Easy Colors' buttons to kdff gui. All vertex colors are set to a single color. The first color is the day color, second color is the night color. The best use for this to make an object brighter or darker during the day or night by selecting two different grey shades.

v0.1.1e 11/2017 - (fix) Generate collision won't fail when the geometry has multiple textures assigned to a material.
- More dff extension types are read, and won't cause col generation failures.

v0.1.1d 11/2017 - (fix) A corrupt dff would be generated when attaching .col to a .dff containing lights.

Embedded lights are not supported by kdff. Attaching the col will work, but the lights will be stripped. Advanced tricks are possible using RWAnalyze (3rd party program), if you want to manually fix it.

v0.1.1c 11/2017 - Adds -p option to kdff.exe console.

Console option -p will scan all *.dff files in the current directory and attach the *.col with the same name.

v0.1.1(a/b) 11/2017 - First release

kdff is a collision generator, and model viewer, for GTA San Andreas models. It can generate various types of simple GTA collision files (version 3) given a dff model. This program is required to attach col files to dff files for SA-MP server-side custom models.


Extract the files to their own folder and then run either kdffgui.exe or kdff.exe (console application) depending on your needs.


kdffgui.exe : The main GUI program.
kdff.exe : The console application. Run this on the command line with no arguments for example usage.
kdff.dll : A dll required by kdffgui.exe, containing the col generation code.


Written by Kalcor of the SA-MP team.
The gui version of this program was made possible by JernejL, kcow and steve-m.

Widoh 04/11/2017 12:31 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
I love you Kalcoor!!!

cuber 04/11/2017 12:34 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
Good job, Kalcor.

Whyd 04/11/2017 12:44 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
I'll try it, thanks!

HydraHumza 04/11/2017 12:47 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
Great work would love to test it.

WarZ 04/11/2017 12:49 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
Good Job.

DonaldDuck 04/11/2017 12:54 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
Damn thats nice

Ponga 04/11/2017 12:55 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)
Lots of new updates this day :D

TopShooter2 04/11/2017 12:57 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)

AnthonyDaBestt 04/11/2017 01:00 PM

Re: kdff gui (v0.1.1)

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