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Karlip 31/05/2010 02:20 PM

Bug List (CLIENT) (Updated frequently)

Please do note, that before reporting a bug, make sure its not your script. (Not talking about this topic, but this board overall)

If you can't find the bug in this table, please scroll below the table. It has some common bugs and some have fixes to them.

15 Kicking a player, who is lagging or desynced, off a bike, will freeze your character. You can't move anything except your mouse. None
14 When a player has a parachute, they can damage cars that are unoccupied. None
13 When a passenger spawns a vehicle/or is put into another vehicle then the driver of the last car they were in won't see them driving the appeared car. OR don't allow them to spawn vehicles as passenger
12 Attached objects still appear in front of sniper rifle scope. Possibly:
11 Moving objects that stop for some time desync for people who have just joined. Once they move again they sync to server set pos. None
10 With the stuntplane, if you respawn it or repair it with RepairVehicle, the tailwheel only appears then None
9 Sometimes the sounds of your car/helicopter mess up and you only hear one sound type. For example, the car engine sounds between gear changes are different, but when this occurs there is only one sound and it's the highest gear.This only occurs around lots of players, doesn't matter if they're in a vehicle or not. Usually also when someone from the lot of players enters a vehicle. This always applies to other players you see, their car only has one sound(highest gear). None
8 If someone has a locked car and you want to enter their passenger seat, all you have to do is press G near their car when they start moving. You will be placed on the passenger seat. Note; only works when the vehicle starts to move and moves faster than you can approach the vehicle. Script-side fix:
7 If you use a sniper rifle, then enter a hydra or hunter, and go to the "front view", you get "sniper rifle aim".
6 When a train goes by, you will get the shaking screen. Sometimes, when you're very far from the tracks, the shaking still occurs. None
5 When dying in a vehicle, other players see you appear on top of your car, but you see yourself in the car with the "Dead" animation. None
4 Controls keep changing.For example, when you're frozen, you can use other keys to control the menu(ShowMenuForPlayer) and when unfrozen you have to use other keys. The same is with front view in-car, you have to use different keys. None
3 If you die in a vehicle, you can keep driving it by pressing shift until you respawn.You are the only one seeing it move, for others it is on one place. Once you respawn, it sometimes is where you drove it, sometimes it's where you last died. None
2 When your previous passenger enters a car, leaves your car by disconnecting or being set to another position by the server, and you are in the area where they enter the car, the car you are driving(the one where you had the passenger) suddenly stops. None
1 When having hydraulics and pressing HORN key to jump up, others hear your car horn, but you don't. None

Thanks everyone for testing and helping improve this table. You have done a great deed.


- When someone gets their vehicle hijacked and the vehicle is a vehicle that can float(Seasparrow, etc), the person jacked will fall under water. (FIX: Clear animations of the jacker when the altitude of helicopter is 0.)
- So, while playing at AdrenalineX and some other servers, i noticed that vehicles are normally repairable after they go on fire when an explosion is near it, but if another car explodes near it, the car won't be repairable.
It will repair it, but the car will still explode. (FIX: Repair to health 2000.)
- Sometimes, the rotating engine part on the Bandito is turned vertically with the car' angle. (FIX: None.)
- Pressing FIRE and AIM button at the same time when when moving with a gun in your hand(only tested on mouse) will stop your player. (FIX: Use a lower frame limit.)
- Carjacking someone from the passenger door and pressing shift at the same time will kill the driver on sliding to the drivers' seat. (FIX: None.)
- Climbing over objects sometimes kills you. (FIX: Turn Frame Limiter on.)


- You get the Single Player menu instead of SA-MP loading screen. (FIX: You have a GTA:SA version of 2.0 or higher, please go to this topic:
- Pressing ESC and having the Single player menu will make you invincible from all the things that happen in the server. (FIX: None yet)
- Can't take off in a Skimmer in water! (FIX: Turn Frame Limiter on.)
- Player doesn't take damage as a passenger on a NRG-500 and drive-bying(FIX: None yet)
- Chat box is blurred and text can't be seen! (FIX: Set directmode=1 in My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/SAMP/sa-mp.cfg)

Rac3r 31/05/2010 02:34 PM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.

Incar View : You can't press a menu option with any key.
Frozen : W and S to navigate up and down in the menu.
Unfrozen : Up and Down to navigate up and down in the menu.

InCar view is where your view point is from the front bumper of the car.

Karlip 31/05/2010 07:04 PM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
I'll bump this topic with another bug, when changing virtual world with a vehicle that has a trailer attached, the trailer will go trough 'unfinished', which shows that the trailer is still attached but the structure model of the trailer won't go trough. The trailer dissapears in some time.

Karlip 01/06/2010 07:07 PM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
Another one i found, if you press aim + fire at the same time, or nearly at the same time, the character stops.
Don't know if it's a bug though.

marharth 01/06/2010 08:58 PM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
The first thing is a GTA thing, doesn't have to do with sa-mp.

Rac3r 02/06/2010 07:59 AM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
Another odd bug worth mentioning is this :

Originally Posted by Zecko
Hi, when a race is finished after players exit there vehicles if I press tab I am back in my vehicle, and if I look behind, to the left or to the right with A and/or E I crash when the new race is coming.

Small bug, don't know if it is a SA-MP one.

Bascially, if a vehicle is destroyed and you look left or right while in the vehicle, your game will crash.

Karlip 02/06/2010 09:29 PM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
Another bug i found, lol.

It's to do with virtual worlds again - if you change virtual worlds and in the mean time put your planes' landing gear down, the landing gear disappears in the next world and will be invisible since that.

Rac3r 19/09/2010 11:08 AM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
Never seen the 4th bug happen.

I know if you either (removeplayerfromvehicle, setplayerpos or something), while the player is a passenger, it stops the vehicle. Really bad if you're racing and the passnger hits a command.

Relixious 19/09/2010 12:18 PM

Re: Some bugs i noticed.
Got another one, you cannot see /dl in an AT-400

Meta 19/09/2010 01:02 PM

AW: Re: Some bugs i noticed.

Originally Posted by Relixious (Post 844614)
Got another one, you cannot see /dl in an AT-400

I can see what you can't
AT-400 /dl Label

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