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Jakwob 22/06/2015 09:32 PM

Bank System
Hi guys i was browsing the SA-MP forums and found this cool fiterscript from a member called UltraScripter, i posted to him and told him his code was good and easy for newbies to work with, in the replies to his topic some members were asking him to make the bank have a interior, and he then went on to tell them he wanted it commands only, and thats all he was doing, so i took it upon myself to show the other comment posters that its easy to add the interior. So when i started i was flooded with ideas, so here is what i have came up with.

Original Post here.

  • Bank Assistants (Actors)
  • Bank Interior
  • Withdraw Money
  • Deposit Money
  • Balance Textdraw

  • /gotobank
  • /changelog
  • /balance [removed]

  • - Download
  • - Download
  • - Download
  • - Download
  • sscanf.dll/.so - Download
  • - Download
  • streamer.dll/.so

  • Copy all the files provided into the correct folders.
  • Add the required plugins into the server.cfg file
  • Add "Bank" to the filterscritpt line in the server.cfg
  • Add "BankAccounts" folder to scriptfiles folder if you have not done so.
  • Compile the Bank.pwn
  • Run your server.
  • Enjoy the filterscript.

UltraScripter - For the original code.
Jakwob - For the Bank interior, bank assistants and his
Southclaw - for his Southclaw's Interaction Framework.
Zeex - For the command processor.
****** - for his YSI and his sscanf.

Version 1.0 (solidfiles)

Version 1.1 (solidfiles)

  • Moved saving to a seprate function to help clean up code
  • Removed Changelog command.
  • Now your new bank balance shows in the receipt dialog
  • New Balance textdraw for easy viewing
  • Removed Balance dialog and balance command as its no longer needed
  • Added colors to the dialogs
  • SendClientMessage is no longer used!


UltraScripter 22/06/2015 09:37 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Good job :D

Younes44 22/06/2015 09:53 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Good job dude..
keep ur works up

XStormiest 22/06/2015 10:26 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Nice, i like actually that you took an ideea and improved it.

I have a question in mind, if I may ask:
1. Did you take his script and continued with your ideeas or started from scratch with the ideea of bank? If you did it from scratch then congratiolations else good job 2 but in this case I hope you asked the original author for permission.
+REP from me in both cases.

Jakwob 22/06/2015 11:08 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Thanks for the comments guys.

XStormiest I have spoken with the owner of the original owner and he had seen what I have done and he is completely fine with it and if any proof is needed I could provide. And I'm sure the owner will confirm. Anyway check out the original post and you can see the difference, all I did was give what the people in the comments wanted. Thank you anyway for your comment

McKee 23/06/2015 09:49 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Good job

SecretBoss 24/06/2015 06:02 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Good Job, but actors will not work with 0.3z and lower version so its not recommended for 0.3z servers

X337 24/06/2015 06:54 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Nice Jakwob :D

Konverse 24/06/2015 06:56 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
This is a very useful filter script. Nicely done

VenomMancer 24/06/2015 09:23 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Nice job dude

OnelifeGaming 24/06/2015 10:38 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Nice Job :D

Jakwob 24/06/2015 11:02 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Thanks for all the comments, updates coming soon including balance textdraw, ATMs and credit cards.

Jakwob 03/07/2015 10:35 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
I have updated the fitlerscript, for info on all the changes see the main topic under change log, i have also added new screenshots so you can view before you download.

If anyone finds any bugs please feel free to leave a comment and i will fix them, also if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

LeXuZ 04/07/2015 06:32 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Nice filtersctipt, can't wait for the updates

Lynn 04/07/2015 06:54 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]
Nice work.

Jakwob 08/08/2015 10:07 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]

Originally Posted by LeXuZ (Post 3510444)
Nice filtersctipt, can't wait for the updates


Originally Posted by Lynn (Post 3510462)
Nice work.

Thanks guys

eniskabaogluu 02/03/2020 03:53 PM

Re: Bank System [Edit]

HELLBOY 25/03/2020 12:59 AM

Re: Bank System [Edit]

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