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danielpalade 03/11/2015 11:07 PM

Whenever I try to startup my server I get this.

./samp03svr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
How do I fix this?

I'm Using Ubuntu 15.10.

Kevln 04/11/2015 01:39 AM

Re: ./samp03svr

Warlord 04/11/2015 02:43 AM

Re: ./samp03svr

apt-get install update
sudo apt-get install apt-file
sudo apt-file update
sudo apt-file find
sudo apt-get install libstdc++6

Use root use when installing updates. After installing updates you can go back to your new sser and run your server by using nohup ./samp03svr or ./samp03svr
Please use 'Search' next time you have problem.. There are a lot of threads about this, And most are solved.

Yerro 04/11/2015 06:34 PM

Respuesta: ./samp03svr
Use the searcher

Su37Erich 05/11/2015 04:42 PM

Re: ./samp03svr
Use the next command as root:
apt-get install lib32stdc++6.
It will fix your problem

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