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SecretBoss 13/07/2015 03:59 PM

Advance Jail System sbJail

Hello guys I just created this system for my server and decided to share it with you this system is a jail system with checkpoints, custom interior, and some more features


The only bug I found when I tested it was a checkpoint bug that is higher than normal, you can't fix this bug

If you find any other bugs report them with a reply and I will fix them

Version 1.0

/jail command for RCON
/unjail command for RCON
/jailed display all jailed players
Custom jail interior
Player will get unjail after the time passes
Use ! to speak on other jailed players
Checkpoints to leave prison



Solidfiles (Full Package)
Or click here

SpikY_ 13/07/2015 04:07 PM

Re: Advance Jail System sbJail
not bad.

SecretBoss 13/07/2015 09:25 PM

Re: Advance Jail System sbJail

Originally Posted by SpikY_ (Post 3519601)
not bad.

Thanks :)

SNAKE12 15/07/2015 09:29 AM

Re: Advance Jail System sbJail
Good job Keep it up ;)

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