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LazzyBoy 19/03/2017 09:55 PM

Dynamic Speed Cam System[Mysql]
Speed Cam System

System Introduce
Okay , i've made already a video for it but anyway im introducing it here so anyone that has no time to watch can atleast understand it only from reading so, Speed Cam system is a dynamic system that allows to create/delete an Speed camer.Creator of cam has to set a speed limit when players are near speed cam and are they driving slower or faster than the setten speed limit, if player is driving faster than the limit it will show him a textdraw with ticket reason, amount and the speed.The ticket amount its just fake since i was in a test mode and not in a gamemode so you will have to set with your own amount per speed , mine is KM * 2 = ticketamount but its not saved.
Every created cam is saved in a MySQL database.

System Commands
  • Createcam - Allows you to create a cam with speed limit that you want
  • Deletecam - will allow you to delete the nearest cam you're at.
  • Createcar - Will teleport a infernus to you , this one was only for me to test
  • Createdcams - allow you to check the ID of created cams for all
  • Incognito - Streamer Plugin.
  • BlueG - for the greatest MySQL plugin.
  • Zeex - for creating zcommand.
  • LazzyBoy(me) - creating this filterscript.
  • SAMP - making it possible all this.

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TitanX 19/03/2017 10:56 PM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
Very fucking Unique, Nice work man +rep

Pottus 19/03/2017 11:59 PM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
You use the streamer but don't use dynamic areas that is not good.

SyS 20/03/2017 01:24 AM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
this is an unique script therefore 4 stars :)

LazzyBoy 20/03/2017 05:51 AM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
Thank you for your comments.
Pottus the dynamic area was only a test i made ingame which i thought it would help me out to find if player is near a zone but it didnt help me out so ive changed it into the speed timer and seems like ive forgot to delete the dynamic area part.

Variable™ 20/03/2017 05:55 AM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
Not very unique or hard to be created and already exists in some RP servers but it's still a good idea, good work.

Immortal99 20/03/2017 06:28 AM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
Unique bruh, keep up the good work +1

LazzyBoy 20/03/2017 12:57 PM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System

Originally Posted by Immortal99 (Post 3858166)
Unique bruh, keep up the good work +1

Thanks mate.

MrViolence101 06/04/2017 08:47 AM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
You can go more advance and make it so the player only see his ticket in the mail etc. Seeing ticket information at the place it happened is not very realistic. just a suggestion :P

Hunud 06/04/2017 09:58 AM

Re: Dynamic Speed Cam System
I saw it somewhere.... And code is suspicious. GJ tho

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