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David (Sabljak) 29/03/2020 02:58 PM

Re: SKY - Slice's fork of kurta999's fork of YSF
Is this issue ofr SKY or weapon include?

PLS help! :), also Knife kills not calling in onplayerdeath.

idegod 05/05/2020 08:13 AM

Re: SKY - Slice's fork of kurta999's fork of YSF
So would be possible to use

// Keep re-sending the last received sync data
native FreezeSyncData(playerid, bool:toggle);

// Send the last sync data
// If an animation is specified, it will be similar to ApplyAnimation
native SendLastSyncData(playerid, toplayerid, animation = 0);

to fix that problem that clock players freeze?

what is this?

// Stop syncing keys for a player
native SetKeySyncBlocked(playerid, toggle);

how to use this?

// Disable infinity ammo bugs and other bugs (some bugs still work)
native SetDisableSyncBugs(toggle);

what is this?

// Make the weapon state always synced as WEAPONSTATE_MORE_BULLETS
native SetInfiniteAmmoSync(playerid, toggle);

Would be possible to freeze player until he got all packets back?

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