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KingPlayer 01/02/2015 09:28 PM

Problems with GTA
Hi guys. So, I had a lot of viruses and malware stuff on my comp. And, I used a Malvawe Detector(idk exactly) to delete all the viruses and stuff. But, unfocunately, it deleted my gtasa.exe, and now, it's called proxy-sa.exe. So, what should I do?

Alex Magaņa 01/02/2015 10:28 PM

Re: Problems with GTA
Why you don't try reinstalling GTASA & SAMP?

Sh4DoW 02/02/2015 03:57 AM

Re: Problems with GTA
Uninstall GTA:SA from your computer as well as SA:MP. Re-install both again, easy as that. Don't have the disc? look for a free and safe copy from the internet and download it.

Ahammad 02/02/2015 08:51 AM

Re: Problems with GTA
You try to Uninstall Your GTA San Andreas.

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