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XStormiest 15/04/2019 10:08 AM

Email confirmation script.
I'm trying to make an email confirmation for my script
Here is the php code in my xampp server

The problem is that whatever I"m doing the email is not being sent...


        if( isset( $_GET['code'] ) )
                $code = $_GET['code'];
                $email = $_GET['email'];
                $message = $_GET['message'];
                if( isset( $email) && !empty($email) )
                        if( isset($message) && !empty($message) )
                                $message = str_replace("-", " ", $message);
                                mail($email, "Email confirmation", $message, "From \" Project Omega: Tales of Life \" <>\r\n", "X-Mailer" . phpversion());


And here are the functions and lines that relates to it.

Public:EmailDelivered(playerid, response, data[])
        new buffer[128];
        if(response == 200)
            SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "[ACC] Email has been succesfully delivered!");
            format(buffer, sizeof(buffer), "Error: %s", data);
            SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "[ACC] Email failed to deliver...");


new text[256];
format(P_Account[playerid][email], 40, "%s", inputtext);
format(text, sizeof text, "", key, P_Account[playerid][email],GetUserName(playerid), key);
HTTP(playerid, HTTP_GET, text, " ", "EmailDelivered");

XStormiest 16/04/2019 08:22 AM

Re: Email confirmation script.
So..nobody knows how to that?

Marshas 16/04/2019 10:37 AM

Re: Email confirmation script.
Try to access this:
Directly from chrome, pasting it in url. Php error should appear if there any.
Next thing, put your php script into /var/www/html direction of your vps server, then you will be able to access it, because now, I tried to access that file, but I can't.

GeorgeLimit 20/10/2019 02:03 PM

Re: Email confirmation script.
You need webhost to host your mail SMTP.

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