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Cambourene 28/11/2016 01:56 AM

SAMP won't open
So uh hey there, I just installed SAMP 0.3.7 and everytime I try to open a server on SAMP, after that Spinning disk icon comes up on screen a "SAMP crashed" sign will appear on screen or it will either go back to my computer's desktop. Please help me with this, I need to play SAMP :(

SyS 28/11/2016 02:32 AM

Re: SAMP won't open
Couple of things you can try:

1.Try reinstalling
2.Try changing the directory name
3.Run in win98 compatibility mode
4.Run as administrator
5.Try to change the sa-mp.exe name to something else.

SwankyPants 28/11/2016 11:01 AM

Re: SAMP won't open
Can you send the error code that it gives? Maybe it's something you have installed in the folder (skins, mods, cleo etc.)

Cambourene 01/12/2016 08:23 AM

Re: SAMP won't open
Look, every time I open SAMP, I click on a server to connect to and when the loading bar gets to the middle of that white bar and the bottom corner, A "SAMP has crashed" Sign just comes up. Thats my problem

Cambourene 01/12/2016 08:30 AM

Re: SAMP won't open
This is what it says:

SA-MP 0.3.7
Exception At Address: 0x00534134
Base: 0x04C00000

EAX: 0x00000000 EBX: 0x0BACDC80 ECX: 0x04DE3408 EDX: 0x00866E78
ESI: 0x0B1564EC EDI: 0x0C3BE804 EBP: 0x00000118 ESP: 0x0028F238
EFLAGS: 0x00010216

+0000: 0x0B1564EC 0x00538115 0x0053826E 0x0BACDC80
+0010: 0x0C3BE804 0x0B64108C 0x00000118 0x04DE3408
+0020: 0x44239680 0xC4E9B240 0x40900000 0x0C3BE804
+0030: 0x0B64108C 0x00000118 0x00533032 0x0028F27C
+0040: 0x0B1564EC 0x0083C931 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00405C9E
+0050: 0x80000000 0x00405D01 0x0BACDC80 0x008E48AC
+0060: 0x00006340 0x00000099 0x05BC1860 0x00000007
+0070: 0x4420D704 0xC4EA7F01 0x4426359A 0xC4ED2E3E
+0080: 0x004060DF 0x00000099 0x0C3BE800 0x00002000
+0090: 0x008E48AC 0x00006340 0x00002000 0x0007C100
+00A0: 0x0BACDC80 0x008E48AC 0x0040C9DF 0x00000099
+00B0: 0x0C3BE800 0x00002000 0x0007C100 0x00006340
+00C0: 0x00000098 0x008E4B08 0x04ACB147 0x0C3BE800
+00D0: 0x00002000 0x75771194 0x00000260 0xFFFFFFFF
+00E0: 0x00000000 0x02155098 0x0040E2CA 0x0C3BE800
+00F0: 0x00006340 0x00000001 0x0000000B 0x00000098
+0100: 0x00003400 0x00000001 0x00000004 0x00000004
+0110: 0x0040EAC8 0x00000001 0x00000100 0x00000006
+0120: 0x0BACDEBC 0x004050E2 0x00000000 0x00000000
+0130: 0x0B6392C4 0x00000006 0x008E2CB0 0x0028F3AC
+0140: 0x00824269 0x5F77414C 0x65727473 0xFF006D61
+0150: 0x000002B0 0x00000063 0x05BC1860 0x0028F384
+0160: 0x00824056 0x0028F61C 0x00825EE4 0x00888048
+0170: 0xFFFFFFFF 0x0082425E 0x0082427B 0x000002B0
+0180: 0x008242A6 0x000002B0 0x00000000 0x008211F7
+0190: 0x000002B0 0xFFFFFFFF 0x005B8A7E 0x0028F414
+01A0: 0x00000006 0x00BCC390 0x008E2C90 0x00B71848
+01B0: 0x05BA3AA8 0x00000001 0x06932340 0x005B92CC
+01C0: 0x0028F414 0x0028F414 0x00000001 0x00863B10
+01D0: 0x75B86C40 0x00000000 0x008E2C90 0x41544144
+01E0: 0x50414D5C 0x414C5C53 0x77414C5C 0x4C50492E
+01F0: 0x00000020 0x0082427B 0x00001800 0x008242A6
+0200: 0x00001800 0x00000000 0x008211F7 0x00001800
+0210: 0x49742400 0x005B3206 0x00001800 0x0053BCA0
+0220: 0x00863B10 0x00863A90 0x00863B10 0x0000000A
+0230: 0x0053E593 0x00863B10 0x00748D50 0x75771245
+0240: 0x00000000 0x0028F62C 0xFFFDE000 0x01828CFE
+0250: 0x00000008 0x05BA0260 0x00000008 0x00000100
+0260: 0x00000008 0x00000102 0x43C80000 0x43960000
+0270: 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000320 0x00000258

SCM Op: 0x0, lDbg: 0 LastRendObj: 0

Game Version: EU 1.0

Bingo 01/12/2016 10:06 AM

Re: SAMP won't open
If you have any edition in-game delete it, Worked for me. (CAR MODS or Anything) and still if this doesn't work let us know.

Which version of GTA SA you're using?

FCPDrifter 01/12/2016 11:14 AM

Re: SAMP won't open
it can be issue from a sound mods, delete them. Also you can try to delete gta.set in folder Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files

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