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Forum: Discussion 10/10/2018, 11:12 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 154
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Latest SKY plugin linux version?
Forum: Includes 04/09/2018, 03:28 AM
Replies: 24
Views: 1,802
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: weapon-control - Server sided weapons

I'm not sure if its something on my end or if its how this is suppose to work, but sometimes hacked weapons can still damage another user. Has anyone had this happen? It seems to happen after a death.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 14/01/2018, 09:18 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 1,329
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: New dawn ? Deathrun

At the rate that new dawn opens and closes, give it like a month they will probably be open again. :rolleyes:
Forum: Everything and Nothing 09/12/2017, 03:34 AM
Replies: 161
Views: 11,323
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Free VPS for Christmas. Yes.

0 because i have that much faith in winning.
Forum: News and Updates 25/09/2017, 01:46 AM
Replies: 147
Views: 122,935
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: SA-MP 0.3.7 R2 client update (optional)

Thanks for effectively making OVH's game firewall useless. Nice update.
Forum: General 23/09/2017, 12:21 AM
Replies: 137
Views: 63,295
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: SA-MP 0.3.7-R2 client (testing)

I have this same issue. And i am also on ovh.

I have disabled the game firewall, iptables, and disabled permanent mitigation and it seems to still be blocked. The same appears to happen with...
Forum: Server Support 30/08/2017, 09:39 PM
Replies: 431
Views: 917,722
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Connection flood

As of right now, this seems to be working fine for me. Thanks for a fix!
Forum: General 15/08/2017, 01:47 AM
Replies: 55
Views: 1,031,786
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: A Masterlist/Internet List Alternative - Open Source and available for all to use!

Now that people are getting into making their own lists and such i may actually get motivated to update my monitor i made a few years ago. Its still up and running and everything. But mine looks...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 12/08/2017, 03:34 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 1,722
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Anyone know a alternative

For geoip stuff use

They also have it opensourced so you can run a server just for yourself.
It is what i use, works great.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 31/07/2017, 09:14 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 2,199
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Raspberry Pi samp server

Unfortunately you cannot run a samp server on a pi due to the server not being compiled for arm architecture. You may be able to run it with the help of an emulator, i do know people have...
Forum: General 27/07/2017, 05:01 AM
Replies: 28
Views: 3,211
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Forums over HTTPS?

Lol forums expireing in 2019, what the hell is $9-14ish a month for a .com domain. Just cause the whois says it is expiring then does not mean that it will.

And as for https. With letsencrypt...
Forum: Tools and Files 19/05/2017, 02:22 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 4,462
Posted By nickdodd25
Forum: Everything and Nothing 16/05/2017, 07:04 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 2,100
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: FPS stutter/skip

It kinda sounds similar to Romeorawr's issue in this topic I know you said you played with nividia settings but did you try the shader cache?
Forum: Everything and Nothing 12/04/2017, 04:20 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 913
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Hey

Hay, I can lick my elbow, plz give me my owner rank now for this super unique large rp community.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 07/02/2017, 12:29 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 1,067
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: VPN/Proxy

I got something like this for my server. I check the ip when the user connects, then cache the ip for a day. I use a custom plan from If you ask nicely and have a valid...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 01/02/2017, 03:30 PM
Replies: 27
Views: 2,200
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: New Github Feature

Oh dang.

Just found out they are livestreaming while fixing the issue ha. https://www.*******.com/watch?v=nc0hPGerSd4
Forum: Everything and Nothing 23/01/2017, 02:10 AM
Replies: 51
Views: 1,717
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Server Name

Xtream Quique Evlolution IslandsX [Refunding Refunds] Proudly home hosted by my mom.
Forum: Server Support 16/01/2017, 04:41 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 1,862
Posted By nickdodd25

What is with everyone here? He isn't looking for some shady fly by night host he is simply asking some questions about ovh. Instead of posting links to a random host, why not try and help the guy?
Forum: Includes 07/01/2017, 01:52 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,567
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Animation Browser (n_animation)

:picard: Thanks for finding that. Looks like i forgot to change the hook when i switched it to onplayerdisconnect.
Edit: Fixed now, thanks again!

And thanks for the positive reviews everyone.
Forum: Includes 07/01/2017, 02:15 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,567
Posted By nickdodd25
Lightbulb Animation Browser (n_animation)

Animation Browser (n_animation)


So i needed a simple animation browser for my server, the ones that are released on here are extremely buggy or do not have all available animations...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 26/12/2016, 05:02 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 1,375
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Merry Christmas
Forum: General 24/12/2016, 03:20 PM
Replies: 70
Views: 5,818
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Server Browser - Website [Tabs: Internet | Official | Verified]

Not sure what you are using for querying servers but check out gameq ( you can query quite a few servers at the same time with it. I am using it for my server monitor...
Forum: General 24/12/2016, 12:15 AM
Replies: 3,067
Views: 474,847
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Suggestions for future SA:MP updates

Add the ability to scale object sizes for other than player objects. Make it so you can scale them like you can with SetPlayerAttachedObject but making it something like ScalePlayerObject and...
Forum: Plugin Development 24/12/2016, 12:06 AM
Replies: 5,753
[Plugin] Streamer Plugin
Views: 2,849,686
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: Streamer Plugin

Do you have losts of objects mapped in one small area? You may need to play around with Streamer_SetMaxItems or possibly Streamer_SetRadiusMultiplier to play around with limits. Also it would help to...
Forum: Includes 24/12/2016, 12:03 AM
Replies: 93
Views: 33,631
Posted By nickdodd25
Re: BustAim - Detects players using aimbot

It works ok, i would not rely on it 100% but it does work. I have it running along side weapon config and having decent luck with it.
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