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Forum: Everything and Nothing 18/12/2011, 04:56 AM
Replies: 11
Views: 1,939
Posted By Ruffles.

Self-Proeplled Guns

or can be classified as:
Missiles which can be launched at a long distance.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 02/12/2011, 02:56 AM
Replies: 82
Views: 9,919
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: YouTube new look.

The first thing I noticed was Fairy Tail. How interesting. :3

@OT: The layout is okay, better than the old stuff we used to have several years back.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 08/10/2011, 06:59 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 5,961
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: World of Tanks

Uploaded an old video in M5 Stuart with a 75 MM M3 Howitzer running around in Sand River. Enjoy!

M5 Stuart Run
Forum: Everything and Nothing 07/10/2011, 07:47 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 5,961
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: World of Tanks

@Liberator Funny, considering a lot of these tanks were as prototyes and only existed in blueprints. So I wonder how they managed to render the tank as is. For example, the American heavy tanks (With...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 07/10/2011, 02:00 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 5,961
Posted By Ruffles.

Forum: Everything and Nothing 30/09/2011, 03:30 AM
Replies: 62
Views: 10,179
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Do you Draw?

I like to draw designs for buildings or whatever, sometimes using 3ds, or just plain old-fashioned pencil (Technology confuses me at times).
Forum: General 28/09/2011, 07:39 PM
Replies: 169
Views: 33,645
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: To all owners of a RP server

This is why I moved towards Minecraft (<3) and World of Tanks (<3333), and generally stayed away from SA-MP (My "part-time job" forbids me to sever my relations), I can't find a lot of *new* servers...
Forum: General 21/09/2011, 09:32 PM
Replies: 32
Views: 7,037
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Forum reputation bug

Gray "blobs" won't give you any reputation (Meaning someone with 50- posts gave you reputation), but green ones give you x rep, depending on the person who gave you it (+1 reputation per y posts...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 19/09/2011, 02:25 AM
Replies: 45
Views: 8,194
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Minecraft 1.8

Incorrect. You would be right if you said this a couple weeks earlier (As it was leaked), but it's been "officially" released about a week or so ago, and 1.8.1 is already out. Just sayin'.

Forum: Everything and Nothing 16/09/2011, 09:01 PM
Replies: 86
Views: 7,894
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Re : XP or 7 ?


I like XP because it's epic. All are them are OK, but Vista (I regret getting) sucks (read above quote).
Forum: Everything and Nothing 14/09/2011, 04:08 AM
Replies: 47
Views: 6,299
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Discussion About School

"....we will never need to know."
Doubt it. To earn *good* money you need a *good* education. Shouldn't be a problem once you get a post-academic degree. Also, you Americans are kind of lucky. We...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 13/09/2011, 12:25 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,465
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

- How many of you stopped being LP fans because of this album? No.
- How many of you are still LP fans? Me.
- What do you think of this album? Good.
- What are your favorite songs in this album?...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 12/09/2011, 02:42 AM
Replies: 61
Views: 7,223
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Where were you at 9/11?

Was at home, playing my Nintendo 64. :[
Forum: General 01/09/2011, 04:16 AM
Replies: 13
Views: 2,971
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: For Those Posting a Server Advertisement

Simple. Put in huge words, this:

And ask for rep on any "helpful" post you made.
Works, I think. Got some constant flamers who get more rep than me, but I don't really care about rep.

Forum: Everything and Nothing 30/08/2011, 07:41 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 1,141
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: School [Book project]

I presume you are contradicting yourself by saying "Say something "usefull" or don't say at all"", when you aren't saying anything yourself.

Anyways, try to imagine the character, close your eyes,...
Forum: Everything and Nothing 29/08/2011, 03:10 AM
Replies: 15
Views: 3,127
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: What to Learn

Study study study.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 27/08/2011, 11:04 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 1,705
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Your opinion

The cookies looks a bit cartoon-ish...
Forum: Client Support 24/08/2011, 05:56 PM
Replies: 5
Poll: speed
Views: 1,397
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: speed

Always changes. Usually takes me 1 and a half minutes per 4000 servers.
Forum: General 21/08/2011, 02:15 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 964
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: [REOPORT] JohnRider123

There's a report button on posts like these, it's the yield sign thing. :rolleyes:
Forum: General 20/08/2011, 09:38 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 4,079
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Beware of scammers

He's working with SA-MP. lulz.

I saw him a lot of times before, so I don't care, unless he actually posts here. :rolleyes:
Forum: General 19/08/2011, 10:38 PM
Replies: 4,033
Views: 886,808
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Suggestions For Future Sa:MP Versions.

I'll just name some:
OnVehicleMoving = GetVehicleVelocity
OnVehicleStop = Can be used with GetVehicleVelocity
OnVehicleAttachTrailer = Can be used IsTrailerAttachedToVehicle

CreateExplode =...
Forum: General 19/08/2011, 10:00 PM
Replies: 4,033
Views: 886,808
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Suggestions For Future Sa:MP Versions.

Too bad you lack the common sense to search all of these functions/callbacks, since they a lot exist already/seem useless.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 18/08/2011, 10:31 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 6,031
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: CryENGINE 3 SDK - Create your OWN games!

Maybe I can switch from Epic UDK to this.
Forum: Everything and Nothing 18/08/2011, 09:19 PM
Replies: 32
Views: 9,087
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Witch GTA Character represents you?

<3 Wu Zi Mu. I guess he "reps" me too.
Forum: Maps 17/08/2011, 03:59 AM
Replies: 11
Views: 4,805
Posted By Ruffles.
Re: Fox River Camera Interior(Prison)

Not bad. The environment and objects fit it perfectly with everything. It's all "synchronized".
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