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Default Re: My own trucking server (still in development)

A new include-file has been uploaded as promised:

Just save that file in your pawno\include directory (where the other PPC_xxx includes are located).
Then open the main gamemode-file PPC_Trucking.pwn and add this:
pawn Code:
#include <PPC_Extras>
Paste this line below the other includes (below the "PPC_Toll" include).

Then save and recompile the gamemode.
You should get no errors.

This include file holds 6 extra commands:
- /delproperty
- /evict
- /propertyid
- /porthouse <HouseID>
- /portbus <BusID>
- /properties

The first 3 commands don't take any parameters and require admin level 5 to be used.
The next 2 commands require one parameter to allow you to teleport to the given house or business.
The last command lists all properties of a player when you're standing next to one of his properties.

The /delproperty command deletes a house or business at the location where you're standing.
Just like the /delhouse and /delbus commands, you need to be near a house or business pickup-icon for this to work.
It deletes the house/business even when it's owned. Also the vehicles assigned to the house are deleted.
Also the account-file of the owner is manipulated to remove the house/business ID of his account file, even if the owner is offline.
So even if the player might login again, he won't have that property (house or business) anymore.

The /evict commands works almost the same, except it doesn't delete the house or business.
It removes ownership of the property and makes it available for sale again.
This command also manipulates the owner's account-file to remove the data from it.

The /propertyid command just displays the HouseID or BusinessID of the property.
It doesn't change any data.

The changes cannot be undone.
Gamemode: PPC_Trucking
Extras-file (for PPC_Trucking): /delproperty, /evict, /propertyid, /porthouse, /portbus, /properties
PPC-Trucking-V2 (home-hosted, only open on occasion for testing purposes):
Youtube channel:
Filterscripts: PPC_Speedometer - PPC_Housing - PPC_Business

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