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You should. I will give you an example of what SQL Injection is.

Let's say your mode has a dialog (input) and someone insert a "name" to check something for a user. He can input:
pawn Code:
"Zeus';DROP TABLE users;"
And it will just delete your table "users". DB_Escape is used for this reason. To prevent someone from doing something bad to your database. You can also read more about DB_Escape/SQL Injection to the wiki ( or wikipedia (

You just need to check any string you insert in a query with:
pawn Code:
// An example:
"SELECT username FROM users WHERE ip = '%s'", DB_Escape( ip ) // etc..

Glad to hear that you use SQLite, it's great and I can confirm it because I know that a very popular server in the past used SQLite and had over 500,000 registered users and everything worked fine!

Thanks for your kind words.
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[Tutorial] How to use SQLite
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