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Default Re: Map editor: (ALL SA-MP VERSIONS) with removebuilding support.

Originally Posted by BeckzyBoi View Post
If you view or duplicate an object it returns the wrong rotation angles. Can this please be fixed
No, it cannot be because gta quaternions do not properly convert to euler angles.

Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE View Post
Not all objects are loaded. The crane and containers from the construction site in Dorhety are not loaded. Players see them on every sa-mp server, but map editors don't load them.
Neither your editor or MTA SA can see those objects.
Not a bug.

Those objects are part of SCM and not the original map, there's certain posts on forum explaining how to do it for those objects.
PLEASE for the love of god, everyone using intel gpus - the issues you have with issues are caused by really shitty drivers from intel, latest drivers only gotten worse - try to downgrade your drivers or change some options on intel control panel - it's not supported and i have no way to fix this because i don't have any intel graphics card (and i hope i will never have to personally use a intel card ever because they are pieces of shit.)

As for the latest version having issues loading things - i can't explain that - NOTHING was changed and i can't even test anything, are you sure you weren't running editor in some kind of compatibility mode which isn't set on newer copy or something like that?

Originally Posted by Mauzen View Post
With that collision mode, couldnt you create a simple conversion to export the highest z-coordinates of a certain area or the whole map to a binary file, to make it useable by MapAndreas? That would actually be much easier than doing that by hand for custom maps, and as you already got the collision data rendered it really shouldnt be a big task, but would definitely be a great help for many people.
It is possible, it's a lot of work tho.. i had an alternate idea for this, but i guess i could provide something to build custom height maps - however please keep in mind that it could take a day to render whole map as a heightmap at that resolution.

I had worked in editor to build collision models for a physics engine to use with scripting to allow people to use proper raycasting. I know a few people are working on that aswell, which is why i stopped my efforts on this, but that's a way better method to go for than a simple heightmap.

I don't object to previous version links being posted, feel free to use it.
Please, do no message me anymore, i'm no longer part of sa-mp scene.

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