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Default Re: De4dpOol's Rappelling System (Fully Automatic)

Originally Posted by DeitY View Post
#include <line>

What's the usage of this include?

GetPlayerHealth(playerid, PlayerHealth[playerid]);
SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 999999.0);

So when player lands, he gets 999999. hp?

LandingChecker[playerid] = SetTimerEx("FallingChecker",500,1,"i",playerid);

0.5 second timer...

Improve this..
1. is line segment library, used to create a line of rope object.
2. SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 999999.0); Is to make the player immortal so that he won't die on landing, his real health is given to him after landing.
3. Yes a 0.5 second timer, so what? Try less and it will not work as it compares the two position of player. Larger value will take time in stopping rappelling.
4. I see nothing to improve :/ Except rope's position. I will improve it soon.
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