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Default Re: Y_Less? Why? We still need you.

So I did this exit horribly, I know that, and those that criticised me were right to do so! You could say it was the perfect way to ruin a good career: this is me trying to rectify that even slightly, remove some of that bitter after-taste, because believe it or not I do actually care.

Yes, I've left before; yes, I've come back before; and I'm aware people think that will happen again; in fact you could argue this post is me doing that. I deleted my stuff to prevent this, for my own good. I was supporting code and people long after I thought I should stop, but just couldn't. Call it what you will - I prefer "a misplaced sense of obligation", but less glamorous terms (addiction, total lack of self control, etc.) are probably more fitting... Anyway, I decided to do something drastic, such that returning would be pointless or impossible - you can't support things, or write "just one more thing" if there is nothing to add on to, I would be starting from scratch and really don't see that happening!

Some statistics may be pertinent here: my purge removed over 5000 posts made by me (this account had over 19,000 and is my third one - I estimate almost 45,000 posts total); YSI has code from 2007 still in it (that's over eight years of development and research); I have wikis, bounties, websites, and more; since starting with SA:MP I've done two uni courses, two internships, and got a full-time job (and I owe LOADS to SA:MP for giving me skills used in all those places). These may be useful resources to you, but they are ten years of my life! That is a seriously hard thing to get over and move on from, so I did it like a plaster - just ripped it off as quickly as I could. I'm not saying this for sympathy, or to justify it - frankly its slightly pathetic, I'm saying this to explain WHY it happened that way and why I didn't think about the wider effects much. I DID think about the wider effects slightly; the topics mostly still exist, my code was on Git and cloned by dozens of people, and I'm not the only coder in existence! I figured there was sufficient redundancy in these systems to take the strain despite the selfishness, this topic proves I was wrong.

A more stepped withdrawal, or at least more than 30 seconds notice, would have been good! I regret and apologise for HOW I did this, I don't regret the decision though - I can't go on supporting everything forever. For those who asked, I restored a copy of the full YSI 4.0 and sscanf 3.0 Git repositories here (other repositories are widely cloned at the latest revision):

If, in the next week or so, scripters have questions about how something is done within this code, I'll answer them on GitHub (I'm leaving the forums, I'm not leaving the internet) to give a period of hand-over to those interested in still using my stuff (and by the way, the current YSI version is the most stable it has ever been). That file is called "Cleaner" because it is "more clean" than the first version I made here:

And "documented" here:

That's all I wanted to say. I won't say "bye" in case the cynics are right, but I will say thanks for many years of what was normally great.

- Alex "Y_Less" Cole
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