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tried running it and it was great, though im on the official release of 0.3.7 and objects were missing and so i added 100 objects myself, now when i try to compile the main script i keep getting this:

mapedit.pwn(14) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "mapedit/resources/objmodels.pwn"

changing position of
#include "mapedit/resources/objmodels.pwn" // object model names <- line 14
and if i move it it just skips to the next included file and shows the same error
i restarted my pc, shut down pawn, reinstalled it

even used a clean server, but compiling it keeps giving me that error
using the default .amx works, but i need these new object ids in it (((


I'm such a retard lately, I figured this out, thanks.

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