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Default Re: Connection flood

Please don't combine regular volumetric DDoS attacks with connection flood (cookie) and query flood in this thread.

Originally Posted by Crystallize View Post
Me neither
It's up to you. I understand your fears.

Originally Posted by Battlezone View Post
Could you at least hand the source code to a beta tester from the team so that he can check it and compile it at least for us?
I don't think they will do anything like that, but if someone from beta team is ready to recompile it, then I can provide him source. This plugin is very simple, but it affects internal SA-MP code. I don't want to ruin Kalcor's work by removing his limit and publishing source to everyone.. This can lead to massive attack bounces and self-ddoses.

Originally Posted by rt-2 View Post
I would like to compile this for windows but Imm not too familiar with C++ and I'm missing libraries, notably the netinet and phtread.h.
This code is not for windows. You can't just "recompile" it. It should be ported first.

As promised. I've finished Windows version. Again.. Please read README.txt.
Tested on:
Linux Debian 8 - SAMP 0.3.7-R2-1
Windows 10 Pro 64bit - SAMP 0.3.7-R2-1-1
//edit: Source:

Enjoy. That's all.

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