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Default Re: Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!

[who we are]
Riverside Roleplay is an upcoming SA-MP Heavy Role-Play server based in Los Santos.

The gamemode was originally developed back in 2014, but was cancelled later on.
The development has started once again in 2019, and decided to make a community out of it.

It's written from scratch, and has different unique & dynamic features. (some of them are not seen anywhere else)

The server is currently under development, but a release date will be soon released.

[what we're looking for]
Our team is looking for an active second developer, that will develop & maintain the gamemode with the main developer.

[applicant requirements]
  • Have a deep understanding of Pawn;
  • Have a deep understanding of English and is able to communicate with the team fluently;

If you're interested in joining a high potential upcoming server, drop me a private message here or dm me on Discord: javelin5150#1453

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