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Default Re: Q: Practices for the best server administration possible?

If someone asks to be an admin, they’re not admin material. I only hire admins that are hand picked, and I pick them by their involvement in the server, whether it be contributions in other staff teams, led a strong faction for a long period of time or whatever else. Have a strict and clear set of procedures as well, take the guess work out of it. An admin’s job should be to help a player in need or resolve a conflict, not to just flat out ban people for everything, because really, what does that solve? If it was for something stupid chances are they and all their clan are just going to leave. Also have training sessions for all admins so they know exactly what they’re doing. The most important in my opinion is to make sure all staff is on the same level as a regular player. They should be rewarded for their contributions but not treated like they’re better than anyone else. Another thing is to assign roles to each admin, and let that admin handle that role. For example, while I own the server, there is another admin who is in charge of factions. Anyone coming to me with faction requests gets forwarded to him, even though I may have the power to do it.
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