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Default Re: Super Freeroam (Updated Version) [FR, GANGWARS, RACES, DM, TDM, SHOOTER, DERBY, FALLOUT, ZOMBIE]

Originally Posted by RJTabish View Post
Hi Bro actually i have problem when i'm starting server it is giving like

PHP Code:
[debugRun time error 19"File or function is not found"
[debug]  PC_Init
[debug]  PC_RegAlias
[debugRun time error 19"File or function is not found"
[debug]  PC_Init
[debug]  PC_RegAlias
[gamemodes/SFR3.amx]: Run time error 19"File or function is not found"
Number of vehicle models27 
what should i do i also change the what should i do now ?
Check out if your SFR3.amx exists, if not, you'll have to open SFR3.pwn file, make it compile, then you can use the gamemode correctly.

Now, probably SFR3.pwn won't compile because you don't have the INCLUDES, these files are in pawno>includes. If you don't have them, you can search for them here in SA-MP forums in the includes section, good luck

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