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Default creating roleplay server - question, suggestions and ideas about project; breaking with scheme?


i want to ask some questions here and invite you on my discord server too, which will be a continuation of this topic - ;

1. how to make realistic economy? how to do jobs with no grinding money
2. hp bar or not? maybe no nickname?
3. on ucp you can choose profile like; gangster, right civilian, corrupt guy, psychopath, terrorist etc
4. if somebody shot you on some bodypart you have some % for survival
5. how and what is possible to make fake id?
6. how or where to get illegal weapons?
7. what you think about add hunger, thirst, gym, stamina etc system?
8. what you think about add something like weapon skill etc?
9. pk - three times and CK, you have to play injuries or maybe no pk?
10. deal with the IC consequences like in real life for example if you jump from the mount chillad; you car is for exchange or not suitable and your player could die (CK)
11. what you say about creating guns?
12. what you say about crafting?
13. realistic /ad - not on chat, for example on newspaper; maybe other way?
14. add wanted system, but in better roleplay way?
15. mask system IC right?
16. learn fight style; how can look it without admins interference?
17. bomb system? how they can get?
18. level or hour system is better?
19. how to solve the problem with leveling or hours systems for example with banks, have gun in hand, but not limit players?
20. how BW can look or maybe remove it?
21. safezones or no?
22. add something like effects, addiction and drug craving to drug system?
23. add something like experience
24. you have to exit from the car to refill it, you have to wait more than 2-3 minutes to fix car like in real life or less realistic?
25. add more freedom to server
26. add more fun to server
27. realistic, but freedom; serious IC consequences
28. add rpg'ish on rp server or not?
29. how to create gamemode without adding rpg'ish elements which these are?
30. maybe add rpg elements that will fit in rp?

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