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Default Re: creating roleplay server - question, suggestions and ideas about project; breaking with scheme?

I'll give you my opinion but I prefer heavy-rp so I'll go in that direction

1. Search up on web how much each job earns you and play with the numbers also you can compare it to your country and make it similar. Limit players on doing job routes for example no more than 10 deliveries for pizza guy if they're still earning too much
2. I say leave both as players can use advantage of hidden hp to heal in middle of gunfight
3. Not necessary, allow players to roleplay whatever they want. Maybe their character is not corrupt but will become corrupt after some time so don't make it scripted.
4. Useful, like they're bleeding and have to visit a doctor and put a bandage by themselves or other player.
5. Just make a hidden spot similar to black market when players can buy fake id which will give them a fake name or let them choose a name
6. Weapon smuggling in the city or material smuggling which can be used to create weapons and/or weapon parts. Use your imagination
7. Nice but the players will be forced sometimes to stop RP because of that system (ex. "/b hold on I need to eat or I'll die")
8. Scriptable, make a shooting range where they can improve their skills
9. It's a basic rule which you can change if you want to, PK is just roleplaying while CK is locking account until name change
10. Don't as you'll lose playerbase. SAMP has bugs (ex. falling trough interior) and because of bugs sometimes you'll get CK'ed
11. Same as weapon dealing. Smuggle materials and create gun parts which can be assembled into a gun or any firearm weapon
12. A broad term, depends what you had in mind
13. Make them accessible trough dialog or textdraw which will show last 10 ads for example
14. Create police program with textdraws or dialog where they can place charges and arrest warrants for someone
15. Clothing. Place mask on players head and other have to roleplay they don't know who is he. If your scared of metagaming than hide their nametag and make a label like "Mask_123456"
16. Make it that they have to go to gym or sessions of a certain fight style and after like 10 sessions change their fight style
17. A broad term again. Planting bombs like car bomb? Get close to vehicle, roleplay placing a bomb and than use a command which will attach bomb to that vehicle. Once the /engine is started vehicle explodes
18. None in my opinion. Just script that new players have countdown like 10 hours for example which will restrict them for certain stuff (weapons etc.)
19. Read 18.
20. Didn't quite understand that
21. No, as players often run to safe zone if they're being chased by someone but make it like it's covered in CCTV if it's a popular/crowded area
22. Use weather change and textdraws for drug effects
23. Playing time is enough of experience in my opinion
24. Maybe just turn /engine off
25. Don't make everything scripted and you'll have a freedom. Giving players to RP how they wait is much better than script-forcing them on something
26. Create RP events instead of drag racing on airport etc.
27. Read 25
28. No
29. Just don't add them and create strict rules
30. No
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