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Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post

Since this exploit effects clients going back to SA-MP 0.2.0, server lists for all previous versions have been shut down. Previous versions of the SA-MP client should no longer be used.
Well im happy that you did that, everyone should stay on 0.3.7

Related to version 0.3.9 would be great if you change the GUI with a new design, something modern but which remains with the original and possible more options on filter search.

Also DL version, i think it was an experiment, a cool one, but he had little future, dont get me wrong, i like the idea to make costum map and skins on the server but to wait around 10-15 min to join while your folder is loaded with a lot of useless stuff until you find a good server that deserve to play on it...well thats a big NO from me.

Thats why sa-mp "vanilla" its cool, you just click and play

Looking forward for what 0.3.9 brings, you made a good decision.
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