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Default Server Problem

Hello everybody.
I have an problem with my SA:MP server and i rlly don't know what's the problem. It's like , i have debug to everything but nothing's wrong. My script is perfect so i rlly don't know what to do. All i have is this:

[10:10:35] [connection] x.38:63839 requests connection cookie.
[10:10:36] [connection] incoming connection: x.38:63839 id: 0
[10:10:36] Incoming connection for player ID 0 [IP/port: x.38:63839]
[10:10:36] [join] [PhX]Exc1siOn[PhX] has joined the server (0.3
[10:13:03] [connection] incoming connection: x.38:64572 id: 1
[10:13:03] Incoming connection for player ID 1 [IP/port: x.38:64572]
[10:13:13] [part] [PhX]Exc1siOn[PhX] has left the server (0:0)

It's connecting to the server but i'm online.
What to do? I never had this problem and idk to solve it.

Host is using Debian 9 GNU/Linux. I already speak with the hoster but nothing solved, he said i have some issues in my script but i dont.

When i got disconnected , everybody gets disconnected not only 1 player. This can be now after 2-3 mins if play or 1-2h , it's something random
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