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Post Set your server In-Game ! - Areax

*In-game server's settings*

Set your server In-Game with this little script !

What is this ?

This is In-Game server's settings script. With this little script you can set up you server In-Game fast !

You can:

- Change Hostname,
- Change Gamemode Text,
- Change Map name,
- Change Web's URL,
- Change RCON Password

Everything will save in file.

How to install ?

Copy IGS.pwn and IGS.amx in your filterscript folder. Open server.cfg and write under filterscript IGS, save and close it. Now go in scriptfiles folder and create a new folder, call it IGS. In there create another folder, call it Logs.
Now you are done !


Only one command

- /settings




- Pastebin

Accepting mirors.


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ZCMD - Zeex
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