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Default Re: Scripting as a team

Originally Posted by CrystalMethod View Post
I'd say either GitHub or DropBox. Only worry is if two people start working on the script at the same time out of dropbox, and when they both save, one person's work is lost. If you guys make separate copies of the script to work on sections, then paste it all together at the end, perhaps that'd work? I'm not totally sure, but that's my best guest. I've only ever scripted solo, never on a team.
NEVER use regular filesharing for sharing code, it's just a death wish. Always use VCS like Git. Git really is today's standard with almost every new project that uses VCS choosing for git. You can get free public repo's on GitHub, or you can get free private repo's on BitBucket or GitLab. There are many git clients available to ease up the process.
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