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Default Re: Jueixs House System V2 (Furniture System) Updates to happen.

Originally Posted by TofuWarrior View Post
Is there a way to edit the FS or chagne some limit to allow players to own more than one house?
Also, I've been looking for the unused safehouse:

and can't seem to find it anymore. What category is it in, and under what name?
Jueix got banned from the SA-MP forums for leaking scripts, But I'm friends with him on skype, He has an updated version which he released under a different name which has what you are looking for but it got removed from the forums when he got banned again.

I don't know if I can post this link here and sorry If I'm not aloud to but the updated version is http://*******/cZkvwk

He's now fully quit sa-mp and doesn't update this system any more.
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