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Default Re: samp.js - JavaScript for SA-MP

Big updates, mainly thanks to Laronic for doing lots of JavaScript helper classes and testing

- Fixed issue with CallNativeGDK cutting reference strings for some users
- Fixed issue with CallNativeGDK crashing when calling new SHA256_PashHash
- Added support for arrays and referenced arrays in CallNativeGDK with a(int) v(float) A(int)
V(float) specifiers
- Fixed memory leaks in CallNativeGDK
include() now searches js folder then js/include folder if file can't be
- Fixed issue with callbacks/events from other plugins crashing server when
- Fixed issue with invalid player objects in callbacks/events being
- Added PlayerObject.js, GlobalObject.js, TextDraw.js, GlobalTextDraw.js, Vehicle.js ( thanks Laronic )

- query func now return class object

- Added setVar(type, varName, value) func
- Added deleteVar(varName) func
- Added getVar(type, varName) func
- Added getVarType(varName) func
- Added getVarUpperIndex(varName) func
- Added getVarNameAtIndex(index) func
- Added textDrawCreate(text, pos) func
- Added textDrawDestroy(textDraw) func
- Added textDrawShow(textDraw) func
- Added textDrawHide(textDraw) func
- Added textDrawLetterSize(textDraw, size) func
- Added textDrawTextSize(textDraw, size) func
- Added textDrawAlignment(textDraw, align) func
- Added textDrawColor(textDraw, color) func
- Added textDrawUseBox(textDraw, toggle) func
- Added textDrawBoxColor(textDraw, color) func
- Added textDrawSetShadow(textDraw, shadow) func
- Added textDrawSetOutline(textDraw, outline) func
- Added textDrawBackgroundColor(textDraw, color) func
- Added textDrawSetFont(textDraw, font) func
- Added textDrawSetProportional(textDraw, toggle) func
- Added textDrawSetSelectable(textDraw, toggle) func
- Added textDrawSetString(textDraw, string) func
- Added textDrawSetPreviewModel(textDraw, previewModel) func
- Added textDrawSetPreviewRot(textDraw, previewRot) func
- Added textDrawSetPreviewVehCol(textDraw, color) func
- Added streamedInFor(target) func
- Added setMarkerFor(target, color) func
- Added showNameTagFor(target, show) func
- Added sendMessageTo(target, message) func
- Added sendDeathMessageToPlayer(killer, victim, weapon) func
- Added editObject(objectid) func
- Added selectObject() func
- Added cancelEdit() func
- Added objectCreate(objectid, pos, rot, drawDistance) func
- Added objectDestroy(objectid) func
- Added objectIsValid(objectid) func
- Added objectIsMoving(objectid) func
- Added objectEdit(objectid) func
- Added objectAttachToVehicle(objectid, vehicleid, offset, rot) func
- Added objectAttachCamera(playerid, objectid) func
- Added objectMove(objectid, speed, pos, rot) func
- Added objectStop(objectid) func
- Added objectSetPos(objectid, pos) func
- Added objectGetPos(objectid) func
- Added objectSetRot(objectid, rot) func
- Added objectGetRot(objectid) func
- Added objectModel(objectid) func
- Added objectSetNoCameraCol(objectid) func
- Added objectSetMaterial(objectid, materialIndex, modelid, txdName, textureName, materialColor) func
- Added objectSetMaterialText(objectid, text, materialIndex, materialSize, fontFace, fontSize, bold, fontColor, backColor, textAlignment) func
- Added spawnInfo(team, skin, pos, weaponData1, weaponData2, weaponData3) func
- Added spawn() func
- Added forceClassSelection() func
- Added posFindZ(pos) func
- Added playCrimeReport(target, crimeId) func
- Added playAudioStream(url, pos, distance, usePos) func
- Added stopAudioStream() func
- Added setSkillLevel(skill, level) func
- Added removeAttachedObject(index) func
- Added attachedObjectSlotUsed(index) func
- Added editAttachedObject(index) func
- Added setChatBubble(text, color, drawDistance, expireTime) func
- Added setCheckpoint(size, pos) func
- Added disableCheckpoint() func
- Added setRaceCheckpoint(type, pos, nextPos, size) func
- Added disableRaceCheckpoint() func
- Added setMapIcon(iconid, pos, markerType, color, style) func
- Added removeMapIcon(iconid) func
- Added attachCameraToObject(objectid) func
- Added interpolateCameraPos(from, to, time, cut) func
- Added interpolateCameraLookAt(from, to, time, cut) func
- Added startRecordingData(recordType, recordName) func
- Added stopRecordingData() func
- Added selectTextdraw(color) func
- Added cancelSelectTextdraw() func
- Added createExplosion(pos, type, radius) func
- Added getNetworkStats() func
- Added showMenu(menuId) func
- Added hideMenu(menuId) func
- Added gangZoneShow(zone, color) func
- Added gangZoneHide(zone, color) func
- Added gangZoneFlash(zone, color) func
- Added gangZoneStopFlash(zone) func
- Added attach3DTextLabel(label, pos) func
- Added delete3DTextLabel(label) func
- Added update3DTextLabel(label, color, text) func
- Added showDialog(dialogid, style, caption, info, button1, button2) func
- Added setVehicleParams(vehicleid, objective, doorsLocked) func
- Added shopName setter
- Added controllable setter
- Added disableRemoteVehicleCollisions setter
- Added enableCameraTarget setter
- Added stuntBonus setter
- Added cameraTargetObject getter
- Added cameraTargetVehicle getter
- Added cameraTargetPlayer getter
- Added cameraTargetActor getter
- Added cameraMode getter
- Added targetActor getter
- Added ping getter
- Added surfingObjectID getter
- Added isInCheckpoint getter
- Added isInRaceCheckpoint getter
- Added animationIndex getter
- Added version getter
- Added netStats_ConnectedTime getter
- Added netStats_MessagesReceived getter
- Added netStats_BytesReceived getter
- Added netStats_MessagesSent getter
- Added netStats_BytesSent getter
- Added netStats_MessagesRecvPerSecond getter
- Added netStats_ConnectionStatus getter
- Added netStats_GetIpPort getter
- Added drunkLevel setter/getter
- Added time setter/getter
- Added fightingStyle setter/getter
- Added worldBounds setter/getter

- Added gameText func
- Added disableInteriorEnterExits func
- Added enableVehicleFriendlyFire func
- Added usePlayerPedAnims func

Fixed issue with $ reading data incorrectly

- Added array support
- Fixed various issues

- Converted grandlarc gamemode to JavaScript
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