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Originally Posted by 2KY View Post
I'm sorry, but..

I agree that SA:MP has more roleplay servers than MTA, but it definitely does not have better scripts.

/* Edited the rest of my post to avoid issues with management. */

Just felt the need to put my two cents in, as the "better scripts" statement kind of buggered me off.

Although, this is a very good tutorial, and I can see you have put some time and thought of how to go about it, which I appreciate, because it helps the budding generation of scripters learn faster, which means we can retire quicker! ()
I actually agree with that, probably I've changed my point of view over the last months. After getting into MTA scripting I must totally agree that MTA has out of the box development ideas, you can create anything you want, including appealing GUI s, custom objects and vehicles and several other complex systems that SA-MP won't have in quite a while (correct me if I'm wrong).

MTA has a stable development team, with (if I'm correct, I may be wrong, as I haven't logged into MTA in a while) more developers while SA-MP has only one, what probably makes SA-MP better right now is the community.

Originally Posted by Schurman View Post
Saying anything like this about other mods is very dangerous, because little things like these make the Beta Testers/Kalcor dislike you, and will probably end with your post being deleted or even your account being banned.

All I'm trying to say is that posting and saying that another mod is better than SA-MP in any way is quite dangerous, watch what you say.
I don't think developers will take it wrong, it's constructive criticism, perhaps probably the SA-MP team already knows that. If we're here it means we like SA-MP, and probably most of us prefer SA-MP, like me.

Thank you two, I'll probably add it to the next version I'm developing.
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