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Originally Posted by 2KY View Post
Maybe I'll regret this, maybe I won't, but my original post was;

I agree that SA:MP has more roleplay servers than MTA, but it definitely does not have better scripts. There are so many more functions that do so many different things on MTA, where they actually have the original source code of GTA:SA, unlike SA:MP where Kye (Kalcor) has to go off and develop his very own modification on his "own" source, which limits the scripting community. Meanwhile LUA seem
seems to be a far more flexible language than PAWN, although I could be wrong on this statement, so by all means, feel free to prove me wrong.
However, yes, MTA has a more stable development than SA:MP. However, I think Kalcor is doing a great job for a one man team. There's only so much time someone can invest in a simply pleasure project.
However I also agree that Kalcor should recruit some developers, I'm not an old member, but I believe that they used to have developers and I believe the source code was released too, and probably that's the reason why Kalcor develops alone.
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