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Default Re: The best roleplay scene you have ever been in

I was a cop inside the detective unit. My mates from the Detective Bureau and I were always having fun, drinking, investigating, ruling the city, etc... In this unit, there was also a Captain woman called "Sheyla", and she was a bit distant from all the jokes and all. And we started thinking about all the girls in the LSPD opening their legs all the time, but still, we didn't ever heard about the Captain's sexual life.

And all of this was complete RP.

So at this point, we began imagining and joking about her sexual life, and the idea came from all those 4 stars detectives, that she could be a girl with a penis! So again, it lasted a few weeks, still continuing with the jokes, and we were even calling her "Sheylo" sometimes, like her name was made for a boy now. Not one day passed without us talking about her.

All this was entirely IC, which make it awesome.

Some weeks later, the faction had a new command that allowed us to check the file of anyone, so we could see his full name, bank account, sex, adress and all. It was new, so I decided to test it on random IDs, and then, on my fellow officers.

And what a surprise it was, when I took the "Sheylo" file, and in the "sex" field, I saw an amazing "MALE" written. So yeah, "she" was a male. XD

I still can't stop laughing about it, moreover, it was totally IC from the starting jokes to the solved mystery and all this was a good investigation work!

Sorry if it's a bit long, but memories on SA:MP are awesome.

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