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Default Re: The best roleplay scene you have ever been in

Some people liked to RP on Everystuff, even though it was more of a Freeroam server. The two best RP situations I've been in:

One night a random joined and started offering pizza delivery services. People would order a pizza, but he'd always be out of toppings so he'd substitute things like "AIDS" instead of "Pepperoni". He would deliver imaginary pizzas via Fagio scooter. The pizzas were always "wrong", and he'd offer a free replacement...but he'd deliver the replacement via Hydra and serve it via missiles. I couldn't stop laughing. He stayed in character the whole time, no matter what.

We had an admin command called "/nuke", which would present a nuclear bomb made out of random objects, a server-wide countdown, and it would start playing an MP3 of an old nuclear attack alarm. One night I randomly activated it, and a group of people that were roleplaying gangstas IMMEDIATELY went with the flow and started RPing an impending apocalypse. They all ran for cover, and after the blast and the ensuing dust ("radiation") storm, they continued RPing as nuclear holocaust survivors working together to rebuild society. I was super impressed with how they stayed in character as well.
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