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Default Re: The best roleplay scene you have ever been in

Back on PR-RP, my faction reached official status and my character was wanted by the police for loads of crimes, so everyday we'd have groups of 10+ police officers trace my phone and come after me, we were a large faction at the time so we'd always have scouts at the end of the road so we could escape in time if the police arrived, this lead to us being fugitives for more than two weeks, eventually LSPD got permission to CK my character and if they succeeded, my faction would be closed, so we moved all our businesses out into Flint County and operated everything from there, was a pretty fun situation to be in for a while, the chases would go on for hours and we'd always luckily escape until the day I got raided and Freshkilla closed me down.

Video of us attacking a rival faction

Heavy RP, post-apocalyptic themed server
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